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Suggestion for HUD/UI settings

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  • Suggestion for HUD/UI settings

    After having read through several threads concerning the size of the HUD/UI I have gained the general impression that most players find it too big and clunky. As an ex world of warcraft player I have adjusted and grown to prefer minimalist settings for my UI/HUD, and have been hoping that this would be something that would be approached in dota 2. I understand that making the spell/ability selection is necessary for those who prefer to click rather than to hotkey, but this part of the HUD is not necessary for all players. I suggest that HUD/UI settings should be introduced into dota 2 so that players may customise what appears on their screen to suit their style of play. For example my personal preference for my HUD would be to remove ability/spell selections from the HUD all together as I use hotkeys to cast rather than clicking. I would also like to reduce the size of the map and not have my items displayed at all times. An ideal HUD setting for me would to just have the map displayed at all times, and to have pop-up shop and ability selection simply for when it is necessary. This would allow players to have a more open and mimimal screen setting whilst still allowing them to read item/ability descriptions when necessary and to move/drop items in and from their inventory. Some players may prefer to enlarge their ability selections if they are clickers, whilst some players may prefer to remove the HUD at the bottom completely if they are completely dependant on their hotkey abilities. The HUD/UI settings could allow players to remove, enlarge,reduce and move aspects of their HUD/UI to suit their gameplay.This could be done by allowing players to select 'remove' , 'change to pop out' and 'enlarge' certain parts of the HUD in the UI/HUD settings. A drag and drop feature could be introduced so that players may modify where certain parts of the HUD appear on their screen. Having UI/HUD settings would allow players to either minimize or enlarge parts of their screen layout and would contribute significantly to gameplay experience.

  • #2
    i agree, UI customization would greatly increase the gameplay experience. i would love to have a very minimal ui.


    • #3
      i agree and ill just post my thoughts here instead of opening a new thread:
      You should be able to reside and relocate all parts of the ui. For example you might want to have the minimap at the top left, but the rest where it was before.
      You also should be able to blend out some of the ui. For example you dont want the hero portrait at all.


      • #4
        I agree.

        My ideal HUD would be along the left side so my vision would be more squared. I don't understand why we should see more over the right and left sides than over the top and down sides. DotA 2 is not a FPS!