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The camera is too zoomed in

This topic is closed.
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  • +1 there are so few balance concerns with this imo. seriously if it makes pudge and mirana that much worse increase hook arrow speed a tiny bit. but as someone who plays them a lot it really wouldn't matter much at all


    • Don't like it?

      Go back.


      • Interesting to see this is still a hot topic. I guess I'll give my input too.

        I don't see this so much as a balance issue as it is a design decision. You either fit the viewport to the aspect ratio of the monitor or you crop it. In warcraft 3, the viewport was fit to whatever resolution you were playing at. You could make the window really wide and short and the game would still show the same thing. I really don't understand why all games don't do it this way or at least give you the option to do it this way.

        For example, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, and Dota 2 all made the decision to crop instead of fit and I can only guess as to why. It probably has to do with the fact that the image looks stretched if you fit it to a different aspect ratio. Rather than have people see a stretched image and think "omg this game's graphics are so messed up!" they chose to show less on the screen, but still have it look normal. Sure, the game will look strange if you're scaling something that's 16:9 to fit in a 4:3 box, but that might be preferibile for a lot of people here. That's the ONLY way to make it fair for people at all resolutions. If you just zoom the camera out, then people at 16:9 still see a lot more than 4:3 people and then 16:9 says it's too zoomed out while 4:3 thinks it's just fine. I'd vote for leaving it as a configurable option whether to crop or fit. Maybe not accessible through the game, but in the config files or something. If you want to see what a 16:9 player sees while playing at 4:3 and you don't care if it's stretched, then nothing should stop you.

        To be honest, playing this game on a 4:3 monitor and complaining about the game experience would be analogous to playing it on a 10 year old computer and complaining about getting 3 FPS. Go buy a cheap used 16:9 monitor on craigslist for $50 or less. It's probably the cheapest way to improve your experience in not just dota 2, but pretty much any newer game. Games have been designed with widescreen resolutions in mind for a long time now and 16:9 has quickly become the most popular (damn you marketing!). If you're playing on a 16:10 monitor like me, then you're not really losing anything by playing it with a 16:9 resolution. You lose a whopping 60 pixels on the top and 60 pixels on the bottom to a black bar. Not a big deal.

        The fact of the matter is that if you're going to play a game at an aspect ratio other than what it was designed for then you're going to have to suffer some consequence. The image is either going to be stretched or cropped or you're going to have black bars on the sides of your screen. There is NOTHING that can change that. And that's the reason why Valve has "ignored" this thread despite all the attention it gets. It just isn't possible to fix it like some people in this thread want it fixed.


        • Dota2 has the biggest FOV out of DotA/HoN/Dota2... (DotA/HoN being the same). The camera is the least zoomed...


          • Have 4:3 monitor but playing on 16:9 option. This is good choice for me till I buy new bigger, better, pricier monitor.
            Sometimes in DOTA2 camera is too zoomed in but sometimes is far, far away from heroes don't know why... And this terrible camera flow to mouse cursor...


            • GOD so annoying! Can we get a bit of zoom out i feel like 100year old man leaning in to read the letters. PLS ffs its annoying as hell, let us zoom out a bit more.
              If you don't have an intelligent reply for me, don't bother I will shred your non sense to pieces.


              • Originally posted by Hyant View Post
                League of legends gameplay is not so funny like dota2 but it is super comfortable - Community and Gameplay!
                Well, League of Legends' "comfortable" camera view is responsible for a scary high win rate on blue side (radiant) because of the extra viewing space on the top of the screen. Understand that vertical view impacts the game a lot; having the camera zoomed out impacts gameplay heavily, and especially when it comes to skillshots or ganks, the extra sight provides an enormous advantage. DOTA - despite being less comfortable - doesn't put any of the two sides on a clear advantage from this perspective because both sides have to work on their camera.
                Last edited by Radio; 09-14-2012, 04:31 AM.


                • Originally posted by MrZap View Post
                  I am not the only one who thinks that players need option to change camera distance am I?
                  I as lots of other gamers out there play DOTA 2 in 4:3 mode and this is very irritating when a hero takes almost 25% of the screen and you cant target your spells normally. This absolutely ruins the game experience. I know that there is console command for changing but it doesn't work in matchmaking so please add camera distance changing function asap.
                  pretty much agree with you to some extent.

                  as a person who actually prefers the close camera, it will seem odd but camera distance should be adjusted. But, i dont mean it should always remain far.


                  • Camera hight cannot be touched - it's part of the gameplay. Regardless of the monitor aspect ration you can turn 16:10 on. Also - all the heroes will look more elegant(slim) It's the way we played WC3 DotA a while ago, when there was only 4:3 - we turned 16:10 on in the registry and all the heroes were fat


                    • I would like to see a dota1/dota2 image comparison showing dota2 is more zoomed than dota1 (thus dota2 showing less area than dota1) within next 24 hours or this is getting closed.

                      - both games need to be run on 1920x1080
                      - screenshots need to be taken in the SAME place (near top rune)
                      - no HoN/LoL etc.
                      Last edited by CvP; 09-18-2012, 11:07 PM.


                      • I understand what u are saying. there reason not even close. It just value game engine.


                        • i can see much farther in dota in dota 2. but i think it on purpose gives us too much sight


                          • Closed.