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[Suggestion] Visual Control Groups

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  • [Suggestion] Visual Control Groups

    Many other Real Time Strategy games have visual control groups, if you don't know what I mean look at the pictures below.

    Starcraft 2

    Age of Empires 3

    Dota 2 should also have some kind of visualized control, especially since you keep the previous control group even if the unit dies. Obviously there should be an option to disable it for people who want a minimalistic HUD.
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    My suggestions:
    Make the Swap Box smaller
    Dota 2 Missing Call Hero Preview (Better for new players)

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    +1 Dota 2 needs this.


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        +1 Maybe it can go by those useless rocks in the UI.


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          was it also in Warcraft III? If it was, I'm gonna laugh.


          • #6
            OHHHHH YESSSS That what I meant by control groups!!!!! I just played starcraft 2 and the control group is much better than dota

            Disclaimer: I'm not an native English speaker


            • #7
              Agreed. Thought about this couple times, would be nice
              ALSO you need to highlight the current selected group (if it is selected)


              • #8
                I was thinking about it but i was too lazy also maybe add the hero health and the icon on the top left like Lone Druid to chen or to all the heroes and when u pick illusion rune it will show them there or helm of the dominator creep


                • #9
                  +1 uptoke, would make managing heroes like Ench and Chen much easier


                  • #10
                    New idea : how about to make automatic control group creating when new unit appears?
                    For example when Chen is takin a new creep it gonna appear in next (for example its 3rd group) control group and get removed from it on death/control loss?
                    Re-binding creeps every time sucks


                    • #11
                      i think we just need an option so we could have bot play the game for us, what do you guys think?

                      Cant touch this :-j


                      • #12
                        Yeah nice idea. Hopefully gets implemented


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                          Originally posted by Boosterus View Post
                          New idea : how about to make automatic control group creating when new unit appears?
                          A thing you can do is bind "select hero" to "1", and "select all other units" to "2". "1" will always select your hero. "2" will always select all other units like meepo clones, warlock golem, spirit bear, or any creeps you control, and illusions. So when I play meepo I used to bind my main to "1", and clones to "2", and all meepos to "3". Now it does "1" and "2" automatically. I don't think there's a option to select all units but a keybind can be done for it somehow.

                          You can put these in your autoexec if you don't want to overwrite your F1 and F4 binds.

                          bind "your key here" "+dota_camera_follow" //select hero
                          bind "your key here" "dota_select_all_others" //select all other units
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                            Sounds good


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