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Show lvls at hero-bar

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  • Show lvls at hero-bar

    It annoys me that I have to press a button to see hero lvls of all players. Would be nice if there would a number in the portrait at the top "hero-bar": Hovering over said portraits could display some further information (for allies at least).

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    I second this, A level indicator is reallly useful. Also a mana bar indicator would also be nice.


    • #3
      please no, if you want to know their level, click on the hero, or open your scoreboard


      • #4
        Leave this sort of thing for modders, I dont this this is necessary.


        • #5
          Originally posted by sterls View Post
          please no, if you want to know their level, click on the hero, or open your scoreboard
          what is wrong with keeping the information easily available? It's almost like some of you would prefer if we had to answer a riddle every time we were to issue a command.

          Bringing up the scoreboard is just tedious. There is no skill/balance factor in this at all - it's just about having the best possible user interface. How you could be against something like this is beyond me. At least give me an argument as to why this is a bad idea.

          Originally posted by shifted View Post
          Leave this sort of thing for modders, I dont this this is necessary.
          It's a small change that has pretty much no impact on the design of the UI or the gameplay. But it saves us from pushing a button that brings up a screen that covers half of the remaining 50% of an already very small view of the actual game.


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            Originally posted by NeMu View Post
            I second this, A level indicator is reallly useful. Also a mana bar indicator would also be nice.
            I don't want this to become another mana-bar debate, so please just stick to the suggestion


            • #7
              If it was impossible to access the information, it'd be a big step to show it. However, this is about making already existing information more available to the player. The same with mana bars, really.


              • #8
                Useless, imho. Press the button - see the level. There's a reason heroe's levels are not shown in their portraits, but I'll let you figure this one by yourself


                • #9
                  I approve, show the hero levels


                  • #10
                    definitely approve!


                    • #11
                      Yes please.

                      Having to either bring up the scoreboard or click on/mouse over a hero is just a bother.

                      At least add it as an option, so all of those people who hate information being accessible will be pleased.


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                        I AGREE with this thread
                        Top 5 Favourite Dota 2 Heroes:
                        Ancient Apparition
                        Vengeful Spirit
                        Outworld Destroyer


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                          Clicking the hero images along the top doesn't always select them either (when they're dead maybe? I've not tested it thoroughly, I will have a look later), which would be handy. Currently no way to find the hp of a hero or what items he's using unless you can find him on the map. :/

                          *edit - Hero meaning Friendly Hero
                          Last edited by Caseh; 11-27-2011, 01:17 PM.


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                            the whole "CLICK ON THE HERO TO SEE STATS NOOB" argument is not an issue of balance or noobs vs pros, it is an issue of convenience that benefits everyone. Having to spend less time focusing on your character is A) less fun overall, and B) counter intuitive to the design philosophy of most ARTS games in general. I picked my hero, I want to spend my next 40 minutes focusing on him thank you very much!

                            I do personally click to check their mana level etc, but I feel likes its just overall unnecessary for the game to be that way, and it just makes me use APM for a small almost insignificant advantage at times.


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