So, first of all. For some reason my hud looks NOTHING like the other one's ive seen on pics here. Mine is pretty much the standard hud with other colored border. I have no arcs on the sides etc.
Is this because i do not have widescreen? I tried chaning my resolution but anything except the defaulted one just gives me a black/red flashing screen and i have to tab out, close dota, and open it with startup properties for resolution set to original to even be able to change it back.

Second. The pale/white color on the bottom of the hud (between stats and skills) blends totally with the light green color of ยด+stats. I can literally not see my +stats. Because they are more or less the same bright color as the background of the HUD.

Third. I have no K/D/A etc in the bottom right corner as i've seen on most pics. Mine is located on the top bar. No idea how to change this, or if it is once again because i do not have widescreen.

Also, this isn't hud related. Up until 1 or 2 updates ago i had no problems at all with the in-game tabs (learn/store etc). But now, for some unknown reason, They are 'too big' to fit in the middle window. Ie i have to scroll left/right up/down to see all the items/heroes in learn tab, or all the items in store. The info screen when waiting for a game has the same issue.

This was NOT the case before 2 updates ago or so. I have not changed anything with my computer settings at all. Steam has done an update i think.

Are all of these resolution issues or just some weird bugs? The part with the in-game tabs seems really weird since i have not changed my settings since i started playing...

I'm utter non-nerd when it comes to computers so i don't know how to upload a screenshot to show you. All those imgur.xx.x. is too fancy to me so I hope you understand what I mean from my explanations.