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Disable portrait without disabling healthbar information?

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  • Disable portrait without disabling healthbar information?

    Hi, I've been meaning to make some DotA 2 videos lately. I looked up some stuff and found a neat toggle by cyborgmatt.

    alias	"fullui"	"sv_cheats 1; dota_sf_hud_actionpanel 1; dota_sf_hud_channelbar 1; dota_sf_hud_chat 1; dota_sf_hud_inventory 1; dota_sf_hud_top 1; dota_hud_healthbars 1; dota_no_minimap 0; cl_drawhud 1; dota_render_crop_height 166; dota_render_y_inset 31; dota_sf_hud_stats_dropdown 1; alias ssMode noui"
    alias	"noui"		"sv_cheats 1; dota_sf_hud_actionpanel 0; dota_sf_hud_channelbar 0; dota_sf_hud_chat 0; dota_sf_hud_inventory 0; dota_sf_hud_top 0; dota_hud_healthbars 0; dota_no_minimap 1; cl_drawhud 0; dota_render_crop_height 0; dota_render_y_inset 0; dota_sf_hud_stats_dropdown 0; alias ssMode fullui"
    Using this for the most part made it so that the game was easy to film and looked well adjusted to it. Now after returning for a couple months I try to use the same bind, but besides a few features I could still not get the healthbars to show with everything else hiding.

    After some tinkering, I found that what was causing it was cl_drawhud 0. So I tried toggling it. That cause this instead.

    so, after a bit more tinkering, I cannot find a solution to disable the portrait. Only ones to make the model in the portrait disappear, etc etc. Cyborgmatt heard of this too and posted a solution saying

    Instead of using “cl_drawhud 0″ you can disable the ingame portrait by editing the “hud_base.res” file with a text editor, it’s located in the “dota\resource\ui” folder.


    “portrait_width” “120″
    “portrait_height” “120″

    Change to:

    “portrait_width” “0″
    “portrait_height” “0″
    Except something happened in the dota folders, leaving a weird ghost town of very many empty folders for no reason including the ui folder.
    So, do you guys know a solution to let me disable portraits? Maybe DotA went the TF2 way and I need to use a custom folder or something, but man this is really bugging me.

    Also, here is cyborgmatt's guide to movie making if anyone wanted to see it: . While outdated it's still really nice.
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    As far as I know about dota and TF2:

    From my dedicated server experience, most of the dota 2 files are moved to the VPK ,not in the folder anymore, it used to be like that until a patch that removes the laning music (I don't know when, its probably the 2GB patch) TF2 however just recently do that because its changing into SteamPipe that dota 2 has used now

    The solution:
    Well from the same dota 2 dedicated server (its sourcemod forum anyway, there is cyborgmatt there), because GCFScape cannot edit VPK file directly, as far as I know you should extract the pak_01.vpk or like that to the folders and rename the vpk into something and you free to edit the folders

    Disclaimer: I'm not an native English speaker


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      So in other words, it's not worth it to bother to try and get this movie-making hudless scheme working. Alright, thanks!