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[Suggestion] Death-replay function & 2nd Screen/Tab

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  • [Suggestion] Death-replay function & 2nd Screen/Tab

    This suggestion has been made before . Not crucial but feel free to comment.

    1.)It would be neat though if we could have the in-game screen of the real-time game as it is on one monitor and the option to open a replay in a separate window of the last 1 or 3 deaths of our heroes.This window could be dragged (if 2nd monitor is available) maximized , minimized and easily toggled between replay window and game window(Shift+tab)
    Replay functions such as ,reverse 10 seconds,pause stop reverse/forward(to next/previous death replay) and play half-speed could be available.

    2.)Another function the death-replay tab could have is an option to switch the replay to a washed-out grey filter,showing only your hero ,UI ,HP bar etc in color.
    Lets call this "auxiliary annotations mode" : The entire terrain and all other heroes and creeps are greyed.Only within the last 5 seconds of your death does the hero ,creep or tower who laid the killing blow ,get any normal color.

    Small notifications icons or simply keeping the HP bars colored on other heroes,creeps and towers could indicate who assisted and who is ally and enemy.
    Having the death replays displayed like this could benefit players to easily view what happened in a heated battle and having it optional on a separate window can allow players to continue to view the actual game and death replay more or less at the same time.

    3.)In the replay all notifications events are played back as well or an option in game-menu to show only notifications that apply to your hero as effected by any creep ,hero or tower that had any effect on your heroes death.

    For example if a tower deactivated your invisibility or creep damage or multiple enemy hero damage or spells or items damage or friendly hero assist or item assists.

    Thank you.
    Feedback welcome
    Last edited by mynamesranonymous; 06-13-2013, 07:55 AM.

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    I like the 2nd suggestion a lot, its mostly seen in FPS games.
    +1 for that.


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      Thanks ,I think that option will help new players quite a lot when they also view the death statistic and death assist card thing.