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Repicking in All Random : Same Hero

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  • Repicking in All Random : Same Hero

    Hello everyone, normally when you repick your hero, you can't pick again the one you had. In AR it seems that the probability doesn't exclude the one you had.
    I recently repicked in AR for repicking exactly the same hero. Of course, this is rare, but i think this is not normal and frustrating.


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    You can pick the same hero after repicking in AP.
    Please, just call me buny.


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      My bad then.


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        Originally posted by bu3ny View Post
        You can pick the same hero after repicking in AP.
        Yes i understand this one, but as -ar player only, i hate this, and this occurs to me almost every day i play more than 10 games.

        Once ive even got some sort of serious bug, to get DAZZLE 6 times in a row in 3 -ar games. I even restarted dota2 after those first 2 games, didnt help, after 3:rd game i restarted pc, and verified integrity of gamedata, and then no more dazzle in next -ar, i guess without that i would of have dazzle 100% in all next randoms. :-D

        This never happened in wc3 dota (+8000 games), and i immediately noticed this bugging in first 100 games of dota2 and was confused why repick into same hero is now possible, thought it has been an unfixed bug.

        So you should be able to repick into same heroes as others have also then, cause their hero is "locked" as yours when you press repick button. But then there is this very high possibility to get the same hero over and over and over again.

        In -ar especially, it is totally confusing, its not "repick/reroll" if you can have the hero you are dumping away back like a boomerang, instead of possibly some better fitting role.

        In AP i understand this, but in -ar, this really makes things bad. Howcome you can get the hero that is locked on to you allready.

        This really needs a fix in -ar mode at least.
        Fix in "repick" description from "Get a random hero." - "1% chance not to get new hero, and lose 200 gold instead." atleast, if its meant that way.

        PS. have decided to quit dota2 for a while just cause this makes -ar less enjoyable atm.
        Last edited by Chrisdyan; 03-30-2015, 09:45 AM.