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Dota v7.00 is a mess. Here are the things wrong with the UI at this time:

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  • Dota v7.00 is a mess. Here are the things wrong with the UI at this time:

    This is a series of complaints about unnecessary or harmful changes to the dota 2 interface. I will not be criticizing things like the talent tree or the new map.

    I. The transition from loading to the pick screen is laggy. It also looks very cheesy.

    dota2 2016-12-11 15-13-59-659.png

    II. The pick screen is a mess and contains a lot of useless information.
    I labeled the problematic parts of this screen with green numbers:

    1 - The three bar system does not give the user a good idea of what the hero does. For example, enigma players are expected to purchase Mek and place wards on the map for their team. That right there should at least give 1 bar of support to enigma. Overall, those nouns are useless in helping players choose a hero. I have never paid attention to these categories and I hope that new players don't as well as it leads to bad habits and more misunderstanding.

    2 - Same complaint. These categories are awful and do not help the players get a good draft. I also would like to criticize the new way the heroes are grouped on the pick screen. Instead of the previous 6 distinct groups differentiated by attribute and Sentinel/Scourge affiliation, the heroes are now in 3 large groups and are much more difficult to find and choose.

    3 - The team composition window is also arbitrary. There is no way to have a distinct difference between a bad draft and a good draft of heroes. I would like to take note of the Melee and Ranged heroes count. That is a step in the right direction but it does not account for lane composition - where ranged vs. melee really matters. Please remove these categories and reorganize the heroes into the previous 6-group configuration for quicker access.

    dota2 2016-12-11 15-14-23-847.png

    III. The strategy screen also suffers from an excess of useless information. Note that 30 seconds is nowhere near enough time to do such things as predict enemy lanes, select lane partners, and purchase starting items. I stand by my opinion that the team composition window is meaningless information.

    Final note for this screen: please remove the "Available for purchase" menu - it is blatant advertisement and is completely unnecessary on a "strategy time" screen.

    dota2 2016-12-11 15-14-25-946.png

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    IV. The minimap and hero UI is worse than before. I have labelled each issue with a yellow number.


    1 - The minimap is way too small by default. You can no longer see each individual tree on the minimap like you previously could:

    2 - The ability levelup buttons are abnormally large and take up too much space relative to the rest of the UI.

    3 - This is the most absurd change. I don't understand the reasoning behind making the most vital information - MANA + HEALTH being made smaller and placed below the ability icons.
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      V. The new shop windows are extremely disorganized. I now have to scan the entire thing with my eyes instead of quickly looking for the right category and picking from there. Having no clear separation between the columns of items makes finding items more difficult.

      20161211144123_1.jpg 20161211144125_1.jpg

      VI. Selecting another unit no longer changes your UI but instead brings up an animated card that slides in from the left side of the screen. Not only is the quick animation appearing on the left side of the screen distracting, but the unit window is small and provides very little information.


      VII. We now have TWO EXTRA indicators reminding the player that the ability they're trying to use is on cooldown. Once again, this is unnecessary because the ability icon already has a cooldown timer. Also, the red "RECHARGING" text overlaps the chat.


      VIII. Being able to see your last hit and deny counter requires you to press ALT. Being able to see your agility, strength, and intelligence stats also requires you to press alt. The information appears on top of the interface instead of having it's own space to reside in.


      IX. The kill/event feed is now on the right side of the screen instead of the left. The animation that each entry performs as it enters the feed is distracting to the player's peripheral vision.


      X. The chat feed is off-center. Also, the font of the chat is now bold.


      XI. The selection box has a strange green gradient that makes it harder to see what is actually being selected.