For the most part I enjoy Dota Plus but these additions to the UI are getting out of control. I played my first match since the newest features and every hero on the select screen is lit up like a Christmas tree.


Look how cluttered that looks. You have their hero ranks in the lower left, the jungle thing in the lower right (which I realize is the Battle Pass), and the new matchup indicator in the upper right that constantly updates and therefore flashes green to red and back, over and over on 100 heroes. It's so distracting it ironically makes it harder to pick my hero because I can't concentrate.

I like certain Plus features like the hero sets, voice clips, and ranked roles matchmaking. But I do not care at all what level every hero is when I enter a match, and things like figuring out a counter pick, judging how much physical/magical damage there is, stacking, warding spots, etc, I would prefer to decide for myself without a bunch of clutter on the UI.

So what I propose is some sort of "Plus Options" screen with a toggle for these things so you can use the bits of Plus you like and disable the parts you don't like. I would prefer to keep using Plus as I'm sure Valve would prefer as well, but for me it's getting to the point where it's taking away more from the experience than it's adding.

Thanks for reading.