Black screen, text bar to the bottom right, Hero tabs and colors up top. Can hear 'Pick a ban'. Can click on heroes and select, if I spam all over to get a hero selected and select it. Usually clears up by 2nd round of picking, rarely does it stay black the whole picking phase. I had to spam the screen and try and select a hero.

Fortunately the team didn't all report me and we won. They assumed at first I was an idiot. I'm sure if we lost I would have got reports.

This made me get a few abandons, as my laptop is a little old, restarting dota takes a while. So I learnt to spam a hero and select blindly, so I don't get an abandon.

Has also crashed twice. I allowed the crash report to be autosent, according to my firewall.

Win7, Dirextx9, AMD, I7