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    Originally posted by chojje View Post
    This thread is about the same issue and explains the reason for the problem:
    I saw this thread in my search.

    I know my post addresses the fact that a group gets the same odds as any solos that they're queued with. The difference is I'm stating that the group more often then not will have better communication, thus suggesting giving the largest group the captain slot would help more often then it would hurt.


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        I can't believe some of the arguments on this thread... Think of it this way(to make it REALLY simple for you):

        You queue on US WEST server, with 3 English speaking friends and yourself. You get a random who gets captain(50% of the time) and he speaks Portuguese only. He bans who he dislikes(most generally 5 invis heroes), then picks completely random heroes(or heroes you don't have experience with)since he obviously cannot read what you're suggesting to him. What do you do about this? Can there be a vote to switch captain? Can you give up captain to someone else? Will you at the VERY LEAST give each player a 20% chance to get captain, instead of how it is? What about people who queue up with no game plan? I assume most people who queue together have some sort of strategy they can go by... Maybe in Skype or use voice chat in game.

        If you go with the suggested idea... You have 4 people speaking the same language and 1 random. You have your 4 picks, 4 people to suggest bans and 1 outcast(who can still put in their input and still have a good game)

        I could go through all of my matches and link the ones where my 4 queued team misses 5 bans if you want. I think there are 2 games in my match history and a few where the first 1-3 picks are missed.


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              Captain usually is the guy with least wins number in the team. There should be a captain choose system that takes a guy with the most wins or the one with good % W/L as captain. Also would be nice if in player stats was a captain win/lose rate, that's might be additional bonus for choosing a captain.
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                Make the option to tick Captains Mode in the find match available when only there is a party of 5?


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                  imo make it also have a msg sayign 'you are the captain press ok' so we dont have people sit there for 60 seconds then be like "oh im the captain" DDDDDD

                  also a pass on captain option would be nice


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                    Originally posted by WTFGoD View Post
                    imo make it also have a msg sayign 'you are the captain press ok' so we dont have people sit there for 60 seconds then be like "oh im the captain" DDDDDD

                    also a pass on captain option would be nice
                    Both passing the captain and the pop up are things that would've helped a lot in the past for me.


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                      +1 for deciding who's captain


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                        Bumping this because it happened again and I'm mad


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                          -1. Either find a full team, or be subject to the same rules that everyone else is. The guy solo queueing has the same entitlement that incomplete teams have.
                          I'm sorry Valve, but the only way I know how to coach players is with tough love.

                          We all play for fun, try hards are just WAY BETTER than you. Read this.

                 is about development, if you want to QQ about your last match (trust me, matchmaking algorithm has nothing to do with it): Click here


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                            Stack doesn't deserve captain just because you have more people. Capt should be highest ranked player. Period. Some games you'll be the highest rank, some games you wont. Valve needs to stop trying to make DOTA another lol because it's failing, lol is more casual than DOTA AND more hardcore at the moment because it has rankings, ladders, etc.
                            Ladder = gives players incentive towards winning. Encourages team work, cooperation, and less selfish play.

                            Mute system = Discourages the majority of communication outside of miss calls, removes accountability, and gives bad players the ability to bully anyone they wish.

                            Makes perfect sense to me when you consider that Valve wants to make the game as casual as possible in-order to compete with League of Legends and sell more hats.


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                              By default the Captain should be random but probability skewered to the player with the highest number of wins. Just because there is a stack doesn't mean they should get captaincy. This way a stack will still have a higher percentage, being more people, so as a whole would have a higher chance of being captain.

                              Probability, by order of highest to lowest number of wins:
                              40%, 25%, 20%, 10%, 5%

                              There should be a popup message which will solve the AFK problems:

                              "You are the Captain! Press OK to proceed."
                              -OK, Continue to Picking- | -Forfeit Captaincy-

                              Forfeit captaincy will pass the captain responsibility to the player with the highest level of wins amongst the remaining players.

                              Originally posted by AvEngErZx View Post
                              Make the option to tick Captains Mode in the find match available when only there is a party of 5?
                              No. That's stupid. Captain's Mode would be far too exclusive in that way.


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                                +1 .At least give the 4 people 4/5 chance of getting the captain. 50% is completely unfair. In my opinion we should vote for the captain