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Random favorite, strength, agility, intelligence?

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  • Random favorite, strength, agility, intelligence?

    When I play with my friend he never knows what to pick, as i remember there was a random strength/agility/intelligence in WC3 dota. Maybe implement this into All pick but granting less random gold (maybe 703)

    Also I was thinking about a random favorite hero option for people who wanted to play one of their favorite hero's and still didn't know what to play but grant no bonus gold for doing so. Just an option for indecisive people.

  • #2
    I like.

    The random system seems to hate several people and keeps giving them boring heroes...

    A friend of mine has most played Luna + Weaver, while he never picked anyone of those two heroes.


    • #3
      -random int/str/agi should be put into dota 2.
      Its a great feature, player will get less gold then normal random to have a chance to get 1 of +-37 heroes.

      -1 for favorite heroes tough.
      I know its not a rule, but commonly a players has a better performace with their favorite heroes and in dota 2 you can only mark 10 as favorites, I agree with this only if it works as a single draft. You can random one of your favorites but no extra gold is given, instead you will have a normal 653 gold.

      So if random favorite gets implemented, the gold should be normal.


      • #4
        A random favorite option with no bonus gold(or anything like that) is required. Why? So that the favorite a hero function does something other than add a star that blocks part of the picture of the hero card.
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        • #5
          I support a random favorites

          I support random -int/agi/str in the sense that although I hate the -random function, if it were notto be removed completely I would prefer this setting to exsist.


          • #6
            -random str/agi/int is great. More chances for people to roll a support as the last randoms instead of risking 5 carry teams for extra 150 gold


            • #7
              I support this!

              I play support most of the time and am stuck on a few favorite heroes. Recently I have been randoming to force myself to try other heroes but I find that even when I random non-support I still often end up buying the courier, upgrading it and then buying and placing all the wards because no one else does..

              It would be nice to be able to random not only int, agi and str but maybe even major roles like 'support' 'carry'

              That way I could still force myself to try new support heroes and stop that -want-to-punch-a-kitten- feeling when I have to buy everything as Axe while Dazzle and Jakiro fight for last hits on the safe lane


              • #8
                Yeah, as long as the random gold bonus is removed or made smaller, I don't see a problem with this.


                • #9
                  +1 a really nice idea, has to be implemented asap
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