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    Everyday, there are many newcomers to Dota 2, most of them not having a slight idea what to do, although there is the Dragon Knight quest, which kind of solved our HOW TO PLAY issues, this game has alot of heroes, most newbies probably chose the strongest looking one, which also happens to be one of the hardest heroes, and the lack of information on the abilities make them think : " Oh, Meathook! 360 damage, point and click hero!" Once they play the game, the butcher is getting butchered, I believe there should be a rating, and a brief description of a hero, for example:

    Zkm1 is a Ability Dependent ranged AGI hero that does damage through his abilities, he can do massive nuke damage early and late in the game if he gets a few kills to start off with some unique abilities that assists in his scaling, with short cooldowns and long range abilities. 17 Str (1.0 gain) 14 Agi (1.3 gain) 25 Int (1.0 gain)
    Basedamage 50-50
    300 Base MVS
    1 Armor
    500 Attack Range.

    Difficulty rating: 6/10

    Aimbot: ( 800 range) Aimbot is a point and click ability that assists his other abilities, while also silencing the target for 5/5/5/8 seconds. Cooldown: 38/27/22/9, 50 mana cost.

    Shoot: ( 1600 range, Global if a target is under the affects of Aimbot, .3 seconds cast time, Projectile Radius: 60) Shoot is a skillshot that will fire a projectile travelling at 1800 MVS which can be disjointed, that damage all enemies in a line for 25/34/45/60 plus 100% of his attack damage in Physical damage, when a enemy is under the affect of Aimbot, it will become a point and click ability that will not miss. Shoot is a charge based ability, it will gain 1 charge every 5 seconds with the maximum capacity of 1/2/3/5 charges, 100/100/200/400 mana cost.

    Master of Arms: ( Passive 400 radius ability ) Master of Arms is a passive ability where Zkm1 and all allies in a 400 radius around him gets damage bonuses from all stats multiplied by 1/1.5/1.7/2. If a Enemy hero is killed by Zkm1, the dead hero will lose 1 of it's primary attribute while Zkm1 get 10% of it's primary attribute

    Macho Man: (Toggle able ability that affects self, 1000 radius) Zkm1 will gain 400 health and 20/30/50 bonus attribute in the one that he is lowest in, and all enemies near him that does not attack him lose 50/75/100 attack damage and 50 attack speed and become silenced, all damage done to Zkm1 50% of the damage done to Zkm1 will turn into mana and health to him self and all allies in a 600 radius, if Zkm1 is silenced, the ability will become deactivated and will be ready again in a cooldown of 260/180/30. Costs 25% of maximum mana to activate, with .6% mana per second to maintain. 2 second channeling time to change.
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    i think a simple difficulty rating that goes from one star to five in the same category as the type of hero (pusher, escape, support, lane support, etc) would be more than enough


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      that only will describe how good the hero is at Pushing/escape/support/lane support / etc


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        That is what League of Legends has on their Champion lists (on the website) and I'd imagine it helps beginners. There's also a suggestion in Common Suggestions to have a limited hero pool for beginners, but I'm not a fan of that one.
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          Originally posted by slowreflex View Post
          That is what League of Legends has on their Champion lists (on the website) and I'd imagine it helps beginners. There's also a suggestion in Common Suggestions to have a limited hero pool for beginners, but I'm not a fan of that one.
          I say, a better suggeston would be certain heroes be disabled, namely invoker, chen, meepo.


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            There will be a gamemode with a reduced hero pool, it has text strings in the files.
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              Maybe a new game mode for newcomers that play with other new comers and a meet the hero series like Team fortress 2
              introducing all the Novice friendly heroes


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                AKA: All new players pick Drow (not that this isn't done already).


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                  Just have a filter for 'beginner heroes' when playing in all-pick mode.

                  Suggested beginner heroes: Skeleton King, Drow Ranger, Lich
                  Originally posted by fletcher
                  Just to clarify, there was never any "win rate" calculation. Ever. It is true that a goal of matchmaking is to make even teams. The matchmaker also will raise your Elo and try to put you in players of equivalent skill, which indirectly tries to get the win rate to 50%. However, it has never looked at your historical win rate and put you in a game where it knew that you were expected to lose.
                  Is every post on this forum about the Dunning-Kruger effect?