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Item Feedback

This is a sticky topic.
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  • #31
    why they don't have artstyle like spells ...some sexy background ...


    • #32
      I didn't like the new icons, as already pointed, they look very "HoNish" and busy.

      And... where should we give feedback about the new HUD?

      I really feel like it went:

      Item -> HoN style
      HUD -> LoL style


      • #33
        Please give Dota 2 more heroes instead of new item icons...


        • #34
          Originally posted by Chainyk View Post
          why they don't have artstyle like spells ...some sexy background ...
          I agree with this. I think the item icons should be more simplified and minimalistic much like the skill icons. The new icons have way too much going on.


          • #35
            Originally posted by Equal View Post
            no u dont.
            the icons lacked life... thy seamed static and dead... just check out the forcestaff form Dota 1 to dota 2
            I am so GLAD you are here to tell me what I am allowed to like!

            On another note, after spending some time on the test server right now, amazing job guys. I did prefer Manta's old look though, it really made clear what it's active was.


            • #36
              Overall nice new icons, I have some suggestions however

              Robe of the magi is not following the blue-int green-agi brownish/red-str trend.
              I really dislike the new deadelus icon (I think the icon would be fine for satanic) sages mask, sacred relic (what is that green thingy?) and armlet
              maelstorm is much shinier then mjollnir it should be the other way


              • #37
                this sword comes out of the edge
                and in general look bad


                • #38
                  eye of skadi really needs a total redesign and it must preserve the blue color (ice effect)


                  • #39
                    Can u post some photos of the new items?

                    the download does not start


                    • #40
                      Anyone else think this new HUD is somewhat distracting from the game? The colors look alot more vibrant and catch your attention more than the actual game. Dunno, might just need some getting used to.


                      • #41
                        I feel like the Hero portrait and the HP/skill bar got smaller? And there is a space between the mini map and the portrait too.

                        I think it would be nice if the hp + skill bar were larger like before. It would be more comfy to play.


                        • #42
                          I really dont like the new shiny/glowing icon-effect. Most of them look just weird.
                          Icons I like:
                          - Radiance
                          - Butterfly
                          - Bkb
                          - Mkb (but the old one was better)
                          - All Boots (But they would be better without the shiny-effect)

                          Icons I dislike:
                          - Heart ( The old one was better)
                          - Reaver (PLS PLS PLS REMAKE THIS ONE)
                          - Hood

                          I will finish the list later, atm i cant create a lobby


                          • #43
                            Sange looks amazing.
                            Yasha looks amazing.

                            Sange and Yasha looks really odd.

                            Armlet looks like a mitten, no go.


                            • #44
                              haha really nice


                              • #45
                                I think new icon look so blurry, can Valve make them look more cleary? thank.