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Mystic Staff gem should be blue or white

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  • Mystic Staff gem should be blue or white

    Mystic Staff is an intelligence item, right? So why does it have the same green glow as Eaglesong? The gem and the glow should be changed to better represent the attribute it's boosting.

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    Related: Robe of the Magi is on a green background. It seems counterintuitive to alter this aspect for these items, that benefit from color coded design, on a whim. Reaver is also too purple when it should be either red or Orange for the exact same reason.


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      i kinda got the feeling the employees who did the item icon where like "FREEKING FRESH FURCKING ARTISH IMBA STYLE", but waasnt thinking about ingame issues, from wc3 dota to dota 2 i could click a hero and recognize the inventar within a few seconds, now its like, duuuuhh wtf, [leave game].
      i mean its cool artwork, but a lil bit too much imho.


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        That green is totally off. It should be white, blue, silver-ish...


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          +1 Agreed


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            Agree as well.
            Would maybe be good to give all Int items the same glow, all Agi items and all Strength items, so just with a glance you could see what they affect


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              I was drawn by that and commented on the main topic, but it would probably pass unoticed...

              +1, robe of the magi should be bluish too...
              Last edited by VenomBHz; 07-01-2012, 02:57 PM.


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                +1, int items should be bluish overall - the new green tints/glow on robe of the magi are totally out of place and the green gem on mystic staff is strange
                Last edited by sus; 04-25-2012, 06:11 PM.


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                      Nothing more to add.


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                          +1, no fucking idea why its green.

                          Green = Agility.

                          Blue = Intel.

                          At least make it white, golden or blue.
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                            After comparing the two, I really think Valve should change it to the old one.


                            In dota, green color mainly represents either agility, poison, or healing. And Mystic staff doesn't offer you either one. So in my opinion the gem should be reverted back to white color!