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UAM / Orb Effect indicator on item and ability icons?

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  • UAM / Orb Effect indicator on item and ability icons?

    How about an indication on items and abilities to note Unique Attack Modifier / Orb Effects on items and abilities?


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    +1, would assist new players. Even if it's not immediately clear what the star means, it will get new players asking, and it's probably much easier to tell players "Only get one starred item, because their effects don't stack" as opposed to "Get only one orb effect, because their effects don't stack", since the star icon is very clear and immediately visible, not requiring reading the item description. However, skills that provide orbs should be starred as well for consistency. Furthermore, since some chance-based orbs override always-on orbs, different colored stars should be used to differentiate between "Always on" orbs and "Chance based" orbs. (Although currently only Maelstrom/Mjollnir have percentage-based orbs)

    But make it optional. If it's not optional, I'd honestly rather not have it. (Default to ON though...)


    • #3
      I like the idea of an optional setting, default to on.

      Perhaps another image, such as a small circle, would be better than a star. Star may indicate "favorite" or "recommended", maybe just a small solid circle.


      • #4
        Color coding would be nice, yeah. According to wiki there are three different priorities.
        1. Conditional Modifiers - Modifiers that only occur on some attacks and are not controlled by the player, such as Maelstrom (chance-based), Mjollnir (chance-based), and Geminate Attack (cooldown-based). If a Conditional Modifier fails to proc then a Standard or Ability Modifier will be present on the attack (if applicable)
        2. Ability Modifiers - Modifiers granted by Hero abilities*
        3. Standard Modifiers - Modifiers granted by items, with the oldest one in a Hero's inventory taking priority (priority can be shifted by dropping an item and picking it up again)


        • #5

          Yeah, I like the idea too, but the star might be a little confusing. What about a little sword ? (since the attack icon in the hero UI is well.. a sword).


          • #6
            t-up for a subtle notice


            • #7