Something I would love to see added (*even if only to test how it plays/feels) would be an option to have observer wards and sentries be on the top layer in the minimap. Currently as it stands, if a hero walks next to a ward, the hero will be on top of the ward on the minimap. There should be an option in the minimap settings to make wards be on top, but disabled by default.

As a support player, if you have a sentry and observer placed down, you can clearly see an enemy approaching that place (unless smoked), either to deward, ward, or both. However, depending on the order and how fast this is done, it is possible that the player(s) can deward before it can be seen precisely what they do. If the player plants a sentry and ward in the same location, you won't know it. You will have true sight, and normal vision, but on the minimap you are not given full information because their hero/color icon is on top of it.

If you are proficient enough, the usual case is that you have already moved your minimap on top of that to see on screen what occurs (also their inventory). This suggestion also means there is more time spent looking at the minimap, so it may be a bad thing. It also forces players to deward the sentry or observer first before placing their own observer(if they wanted to do that in the first place), but I think that is a positive personally.

Are there any other negatives/positives from this? Does it create an unequal playing ground (more than any other option that currently exists)? I only just thought of this recently so I haven't thought of the benefits/issues entirely, please share any opinions.

Also, are there other instances of people discussing/suggesting this before? (I personally have not found any.)