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[Suggestion] Minimap Hero Names Size

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  • [Suggestion] Minimap Hero Names Size

    Under Settings > Game > Interface, with "minimap icons instead of names" turned off, I think it would be good to have some way to adjust the size of that text displayed on the minimap. The default dots as well as hero icons can be changed in size with the console command dota_minimap_hero_size, but this command does not affect the size of text displayed when icons are turned off. If there is some way to change this already, I would like to know. Thanks.

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    I agree with this suggestion. I just changed monitors, and the hero names are very difficult for me to read. Any help would be appreciated.


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      yes please. +1


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        I'd love this to be implemented. Also I would like to either have an option for shorter names, i.e DK, SK, Drow, Wind instead of their full names or the ability to name them custom short hands, because its hard to use them to accurately place where someone is onh the map atm, due to their length.


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          I'd like to keep the text always on but it looks just a bit too big and clustered. Having at least a console comand (like dota_minimap_text_size) to scale it would be really great!


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              I actaully don't dislike the size of the text but what I want is the short form for the hero names, or atleast the option costomize them. to have QoP instead if Queen of Pain, SK, SKK, DK, Riki and so on would make it so much better. + if you could type whatever you wanted you could add your funny nicknames like Gandalf (KotL) etc


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                You can customise them! You go in to the Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\resource folder, find Dota_yourlanguage.txt and then find the list of hero names, you can then change them to be whatever you want. I have QoP, KotL etc. Edit the names to be whatever you want then save the file, also you need to save a copy of the edited file as dota_yourlanguage_edited or something similar so you can find it again later, as every time the game gets patched that file get reverted back to its original state....

                It changes the names in the minimap and in hero selection. You can change the name or text on prtty much any item or button etc, you can change the Aegis of the Immortal to be "1up mushroom" if you like.

                Make sure you edit the language file for the language in which your client is set, if you change the english text but play in russian... you won't see any change


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                  bump +1


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                    yes please. +100000


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