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Don't center camera on respawn

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      Originally posted by Doom Dragon of Doom View Post
      This seems like the wrong section, but I'm not sure there is a right section. The sections here are sometimes a bit lacking.

      I also want to turn off camera centring on respawn. It's not just with Aegis that it messes up. Sometimes I want to teleport to a specific spot the moment I respawn, and the camera introduces an unnecessary delay.

      There also seems to be a common glitch where my camera will jump to where I died, rather than where I am respawning. Centring the camera on hero too soon, I guess. Especially annoying when fighting is happening near the fountain.
      what i do for tping somewhere, i just use the minimap.

      But i do agree with this, this should be a toggle-able option.



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        God, yes.. definitely a much needed option.


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          +1 toogle


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            same here :
            +1 toggle !
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                Please make it this way. When you're playing a hero like AA/CW/Invoker and you died but you're trying to get that low hp hero on the other side of the map with iceblast/rocket flare/sun strike you have to predict where they are by following a possible path for 10-15 seconds, when you respawn it'll take a second or two to readjust and all of your handwork is now meaningless.



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                  Either make this the default or make it toggle-able. This is just something that you can't say no to. Above post says it all <3


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                    dota_reset_camera_on_spawn "0"



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                      Originally posted by 102andahalf View Post
                      dota_reset_camera_on_spawn "0"

                      Thank you, will try it out.


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                        Originally posted by 102andahalf View Post
                        dota_reset_camera_on_spawn "0"

                        Oh... if I added this to my autoexec.cfg will it be toggled it all the games I play or will I need to enter it in every game? And is this only for respawn or also for aegis respawn?


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                          also annoying when you revive and want your visual field to stay at the place where the action is happening (to chose the exact right place for your tp for example)
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                            If you hold down the mousewheel when you respawn the camera will not move.


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                              Bumping thread so it doesn't die

                              I want the camera to stop going to fountain! Just was bara in a game and boy is it annoying when trying to charge right after respawn.


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                                I don't see the point of recentering it anyways.