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Minimap does not respond correctly

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  • Minimap does not respond correctly

    so....The thing is and it happens often,when I click on minimap it doesnt respond so i need to click on some place like 4-5 times for camera to move ,please help me it is very annoying :/

  • #2
    There is an option to make the minimap to have a delay for accepting orders you might edit your game files (i dont remember how the option is called) or you might downloaded a tweaked cfg for your dota 2


    • #3
      i have the same problem too, looking for that option ^^


      • #4
        1 guy told me that mybe this will work dota_minimap_misclick_time to 0 but it didnt ,really if some1 knows help us


        • #5
          dota_minimap_misclick should work man, mb its your mouse that's malfunctioning..


          • #6
            thanks for the command


            • #7
              well why it works in dota,lol,hon and here not ...


              • #8
                I posted this in your other thread about the same subject, but saw that you had this one open too, so figured I would post it here to make sure it wasn't missed.

                "There is a delay to clicking on the minimap to prevent accidental clicks, so this could be the case. You can change the delay (to 0 to eliminate it) in the console.

                I think the more likely problem is that you have something mapped to the mouse 5 button. If you do and if you activate that item while your cursor is over the minimap, it de-activates the minimap until you click outside of the minimap. This is a known problem, but one that they still have not fixed for some reason (maybe it is not seen as critical enough or maybe fixing it causes too many other problems).

                Edit: I typed this before I saw your second post, so I am even more sure that it is the second thing I mentioned. "


                • #9
                  dota_minimap_misclick_time to 0.2s


                  • #10
                    Thanks but still doesnt work :/,serched a bit on a forum,lots of ppl have this issue and its pretty old but valve didnt take care of it yet


                    • #11
                      Do you have anything bound to the mouse 5 key? If so, it is probably the thing I suggested.

                      Look here:


                      • #12
                        tried all but didnt help,also dont think that is my mouse or somethin,cause it is working fine with similar games like hon,lol,dota