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Issue with the level displayed with the Win/loss on profile.

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  • Issue with the level displayed with the Win/loss on profile.

    The issue stems from the fact there is no way to publicize your PvP losses yet gain experience in Bot match's. In essence this creates a situation where every PvP loss and Bot match show the same effect on your profile, increasing your level without increasing your win count.

    Currently I have 34 wins and 23 losses giving me a win rate of 59%. My profile current exp is 17,514 (level 17). The average Dota two match gives 65 experience (depending on time spent) leaving a level 17 account playing an average of 261 games played.

    The issue comes into play when someone looks at the profile seeing a level 17 account with 34 wins, it can be interpreted as 34 wins 227 losses.... or a 1% win rate.

    I played the vs bot matches in the first place to learn the heros, learn the items and save my teammates the trouble of having a new player to the game ruin their experience. It seems weird that I could now be frowned upon for practicing.

    There are three main solutions I can think of to solve this.

    1) make it a possible option to display your PvP losses under your wins.

    2) remove exp from bot games so that the level is only effected by PvP games.

    3) split the level ups so that there is one for PvP and one for PvE, this one is clunky but if PvE players want a level up system it may please everyone.

    If this system is something that no one wishes to change I would also gladly get a rollback on my EXP and Level. I have allot invested into the steam account linked to my dota two account and have no wish to restart an account due to a broken system.

    Any help / other options are more then welcome


  • #2
    Considering that experience boosters exist in this game, anyone with a brain will reach the conclusion that level != amount of games played, making your fear of an "34 wins 227 losses" interpretation unfounded.


    • #3
      Fair enough, but still happens. I would like to be able to show how many games I have lost irregardless.


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        well there are accounts that are lvl 15 with 500+ wins...that dosent mean that they have thousans of losses to get that low

        Its just because they made the account before the levels were introduced and played alot before.

        In reality...the levels dosent say much...the wins dosent say much (because you cant see the losses)

        If you want to see how good a player have to watch replays that he is in...or play with him.


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          well, imo the actual system of level and experience is fine, since those stats doesn't affect any about ur skill level or sorta of it.
          About win and loss, well I don't like how is it working actually, since the win/loss ratio and number of match played doesn't either really proof that u r a good player or not, because this is so realated to the peoples u play with, so it means that even if u got 500+ wins u could just still be a newbee in this game, and it rly makes me nervous when pplz judging u from how many wins u got. What i want to say is that this wins number is just really useless unless u r going to change some parameters and making also visible loses number(well to say the truth W/L doesn't proof that much too but it's something more reasonable than just showing ur wins), but in this case will cause some bad effect too, it will make peoples too addicted to their w/l ratio and so with all sorta of stat/ladder system, it will kill "the just play for fun" players and bringing on more rages and so on.
          There are many different arena rating system of games out there and some of their system is nice, surely a ladder/personal rating system is nice, but imo it just can't make it a "must" for all, i mean, it can be done making a sorta of community openned for who that wants to join and there will be a rating system, just like many games which has option to play a stat recorder match which affect ur rating etc...
          Last edited by Soul~; 08-01-2013, 03:48 AM.