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dota 2 commendations not working

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  • #16
    Please, fix mine too! Thanks in advance


    • #17
      This issue has been resolved.

      So, in case everyone missed it, the Valve devs patched and fixed this problem back at around: 10-07-2013, 09:52 PM

      Core changes at that time included:
      1. You cannot give the same user / player a Commendation more than once.
      2. You can only give one kind of Commendation per user (as above, only 1 per user / player).
      3. Commendations usually appear within 5 minutes of being issued - Some exceptions may exist where connection to the Steam Servers is lost around the time of the Commendation being given.
      4. Any Commendations given at a point where the issuing player (the user giving a Commendation) is not connected to the Steam Servers may be lost.
      5. Only the allotted amount of Commendations can be issued per week (Currently, this is: 6) - Any additional Commendations exceeding the limit will be nullified.
      6. If you have used your allotted number of Commendations, and were unable to commend a user, you will still be able to commend them at a later stage when you have Commendations available, if you are in the same game session as them.

      I hope this helps clarify this matter for those who were unaware that it has been attended to.


      • #18
        I actually seen my friend commended me, but my commendations counter stop at 20 for leadership, and it won't go on when my friend commended me. please help


        • #19
          Hi. I have been told by easily more than 10 random people (excluding friends) that they have commended me. They said they have commended me during a game and right when a game is over. However, my commends haven't increased AT ALL for a couple of months. I am sure there is something definitely wrong. I remember my commends rising every time someone says they have commended me. Now, it's not even gaining a single commend. Yes, I have read TaurusaurusRex's post about the changes in the commend system and I'm quite sure at least one person didn't fall in that list. The commend system worked perfectly before, in my opinion. There should be another way to stop the commend traders. Please help.


          • #20
            i have the same problem. my friend commend me 2 times but nothing happens pls help me tnx


            • #21
              same problem here and its annoying. thanks for help

              Steam id :


              • #22
                Anyone telling you the commend system got fixed are liars. It still didn't get fixed.
                I will mercilessly add to my ignore list anyone that makes an incredibly annoying signature.


                • #23
                  same problem here , till level 16 right now i haven't any commend T_T , i told my friend to commend beside me and he commend me but still zero for my commendation

                  please fix it

                  my steam id :


                  • #24
                    Same problem with me !!
                    I am already level 17 and the commendations arent working for my profile.


                    Any help would be really appreciated !!



                    • #25
                      Please fix mine too.. i literally see my frnds commending me as we play from my home.. but its not working..

                      my profile -


                      • #26
                        Played with friends and I can see them commending me, but number of commendations is not rising up
                        or profile id mirocj

                        commend traders in every game is so [email protected]


                        • #27
                          Hi. My profile is not receiving commendations. I've watched friends attempt to commend me, but it does not register. Any help??



                          • #28
                            jesus stop posting your dam profiles ... They wont fix your shit ...


                            • #29
                              how bout wachon stop posting your shit please?
                              you posted another troll post which is shorter than your profile thingy, kindly remove the profile thing and if you would not mind, stop making useless replies, thank you


                              • #30
                                Can someone help me please. I have played over 100 games and have received more than 200 commends and yet my total commends is 0.
                                My profile is: