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Chat restriction deemed by many as extremely harsh

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  • #16
    Valve is great, but they sometimes do some really dumb shit. I really don't know how they even let this one out before verifying it's effectiveness. Anyone could easily see the ramifications of chat-muting players. It kills the game.


    • #17
      it's a good idea conceptually, but it doesn't work in practice. They need to hot fix this ASP, because it's ruined the game. You can't call ss, you can't be cooperative. Games are really quiet all of a sudden.

      I got a communication ban after a guy who was verbally abusive all game said "reported for verbal abuse" without me actually being abusive -- and he did this later too, directed to other people. Basically, this is such a bad move by Valve that even the excuse of this being a beta doesn't cut it as an excuse for letting it slip through. There's nothing stopping people for doing phoney reports, apparently, so GG/uninstalling


      • #18
        What you complainers fail to realize is the ban is more effective and better for the team than allowing the disruptive players to do whatever they want. That's how sad the situation is, that these 'disruptive players' actually think their communication efforts are benefiting the team. They were banned because they were sabotaging communication efforts.
        I will mercilessly add to my ignore list anyone that makes an incredibly annoying signature.


        • #19
          seems more like they get banned because the ban criteria are too harsh or the automated system isn't able to recognize bogus reports. It's a broken system tha hurts the game more than "disruptive" players ever do


          • #20
            Originally posted by hoveringmover View Post
            What you complainers fail to realize is the ban is more effective and better for the team than allowing the disruptive players to do whatever they want. That's how sad the situation is, that these 'disruptive players' actually think their communication efforts are benefiting the team. They were banned because they were sabotaging communication efforts.
            I was muted today because a stack I got matched up with reported me, not for anything I said, but because they thought I wasn't teamfighting well. They were cussing and insulting me in chat, and I never responded in kind. By the next game, I'm muted. Does that sound more effective and better for the team?


            • #21
              Hey don't feel too bad, I was reported by a 4 stack, because they thought it would be funny, even though we crushed the game and were laughing and joking with each other. Now I can't talk for however long this works.


              • #22
                Originally posted by AzTyG View Post
                Here is one that I find very harsh recently. I do commend your efforts on improving the Dota 2 community Valve, however, the new update concerning about the new chat restriction does prevent many players from trashtalking a lot but this is also a downfall for it disrupts our gaming. Without the ability to use text chat, voice chat or chat wheel, it was made harder for us to cooperate since some us cannot speak for themselves on which strategy to initiate or to report missing lanes or to go Roshan. This has greatly demolished our gaming. Please do understand that you Valve have just made a lot of dissatisfied players due to restricted chat. And also the period of time for being banned from communication is also disgraceful as 1 day is already long enough. I realized this discomfort when I was playing Dota 2 in some games I win against other enemies as I noticed some of them never used all chat and their performance was uncooperative. I know what you are thinking that "It's my fault that I got into this mess and the reason why I can't chat" but seriously this has really deducted the fun in Dota 2. Yes i do trashtalk, but I know for sure all Dota 2 players trashtalk so it's like you muted most of the community. So know I hope you bring about a new update removing the chat restriction as soon as possible. And yes I can speak as I am civilize which I am not to boast, just showing you that the Dota 2 community can show decency. Please do understand my feedback because Im 100% sure, many players feel the same way as I do towards the chat restriction.
                Yes, i agree there is no teamplay without communication. This is just a silly patch for the issue.. Whats wrong with the ignore function? cant folks just use it? ...


                • #23
                  First i have to say, that i was hit by the banhammer myself.

                  Its sad to not see why you get banned (or from wich game), but the main concern that even the voice-commands like "miss bottom" etz are muted and that makes the mute really really bad in the way that it takes a core thing from the game - teamcommunication. As you cant really abusee the voice-commands i dont understand why they are muted, too. Without them being muted, you still cant trashtalk anymore, but you can still be usefull communicationwise to your team. And that would be the better thing i think.

                  So: Change the banhammer in the direction, that voice commands are `NOT muted, but all the rest that currently is remains muted.


                  • #24
                    Valve recently made a mini update this April 23 that you all of the banned chat players have been lifted since they released a new mechanic where you can use the chat wheel while your flagged, also they fixed the bug where you can report more than 4 times a week. Sure valve did listened to our complaints and made few adjustments and made it a lot better now but I really was expecting an apology for their mistake since this was one of their worst updates ever when they added the chat restriction. So now yeah thanks Valve for making it better but I still prefer the lack of chat restriction. That's my opinion and any of your opinion towards this will be accepted and respected.


                    • #25
                      I just don't understand why everything has to be so punitive. People need to grow up and learn to deal with things. The only punishable offenses should be intentional feeding, intentional ability abuse, and queuing on servers where you can't speak the "native" language and have an awful latency.


                      • #26
                        I didn't get the ban (yet) however im kind of concerned about frequence of having that popup "we've taken actions..."

                        Considered that i report like 1 dude per week and turn on the game client like twice a day its pretty damn suprising that recently i get that popup EVERY SINGLE TIME when i turn on the game. That's an awfull lot of bans
                        Imo it clearly shows there's something wrong either with the popup trigger or the ban/mute trigger

                        I'd say that 95% of team communication could be resolved through wheel thing, map drawing (ctrl+lmb) and pings. So your issue should be pretty much resolved when they allow wheel chat for mutes.
                        In the meantime u can draw arrows pointing back and ping the dude (once). I know it sucks, but guess its supposed to be some punishment.
                        More importantly: chill

                        btw. multiple pings only cause confusion, deaths and hate (on you). you really shouldn't do that no matter what circumstances

                        not op at all...


                        • #27
                          Originally posted by AzTyG View Post
                          I still prefer the lack of chat restriction.
                          I second this, thus far that was the best.


                          • #28
                            a couple of reasonable suggestions

                            Originally posted by elelelel View Post
                            I second this, thus far that was the best.

                            However if we have to live with this restrictive system , there are two improvements I suggest:

                            1) Give people the option to selectively unmute chat-banned players. While normal chat is opt-out (you can selectively mute) receiving chat from banned players would be opt-in. This feature would mean that chat bans wouldn't penalize people who get reported by solo-queue random team, but who then want to mm with a stack and chat with friends.

                            2) Give chat-banned players the REASONS they were reported. I feel very strongly about this one.
                            If an offended party chooses to report a malicious player, the reporter should always cite a reason (there's a little text box there...) Why not pass these reasons on to the banned player? This would help the banned player learn why people were reporting them, and in which games they had been reported. How can we learn from our mistakes if we are punished under nebulous pretenses?

                            Thanks for your hard work and kind consideration Volvo!


                            • #29
                              Something needs to be done and I'm glad it's not up to me.
                              Keep trying Valve, I hope you find a good balance.


                              • #30
                                Assholes will be assholes and you can't change assholes because multiple accounts.