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Suggestion: Increase Stash Size

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  • Suggestion: Increase Stash Size

    Should the Stash Size really be limited to 6 Items, why not Increase it to 12 or 18 Items? Second and third row will only be shown when they are in use. Dynamic Stash would also be a good solution.

    Currently your Items are dropped to the ground, you can destroy them. It is impractical when there are a lot of Items lying on the ground, because your whole Team has bought a ton of items. You need to search the right item on the floor, you need to check if it is your item or the one your mate bought...

    Thanks to Panter_d17 for this picture!
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    -1... tell me only one situation when the 6 slot isn't enough!
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      it wouldnt hurt to increase it but like tikshow said ^.. why do you need so much slot anyway? for what?

      so in conclusion, -1.. didnt thought this through did you?
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        Lets take an example, you play Pub maybe with people that are playing their first Dota Matches. You go for carry, because they already picked two Supports, but nobody from the Supports buys a Courier. You go on your lane with a standard item build so 6 Items and 2-3 Consumables. You get yourself Boots and Magic Stick. Now you start buying in your item Shop, you buy your 2 Sets of Bracers, because they are in your standard build and you buy the rest of the upgraded Magic Wand. So what is now in your stash. 3 Recipes, 2 Circlets and 2 Iron Branches, but wait you can only fit one Iron Branch in there. So first one dropps on ground, if you are playing in mid, they're will be even more items laying around. Now lets assume the rest of your team does the same, beaucse the game is going very well. Now there are Iron Branches from every Hero, maybe some wards etc.

        Even with courier I encounter the same Problem, I am side lane score Firstblood after a long laning phase and get a double kill. I buy my things and want to send the courier to me, unfortunatley the courier is already in use. So I push the tower and get a total of 400+200+560+laning Phase Gold, so now tell me how do you fit that much starting items in your stash?

        Yes, maybe I should send the Courier earlier or buy one as carry, but you can't expect that for new Players. So why not increase it?
        Why do I get -1 on the suggestion, when you see no point in it, just because you don't have that problem. At least say T-Null like in the playdota forums...


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          I'd +1, since Magic Wand + somethign else fucked me up like this once. Half of the magic wand (with recipe, items and other people's items) went to the courier; the other half of my magic wand went to my stash and some other items were thrown in the ground. Why wouldn't you agree with this notion?

          Also, full of items stash is sexy.


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              I don't see any way in which this can do any harm and even if it's not always useful It can help sometimes so I'll 1+ this....


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                dont buy anything if you see that your stash is full. wait until they kill you and die or go back to restock.


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                  Yes, just don't buy anything. Best reason ever...


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                    Yeah, let's wait until we die to lose our unreliable gold (you know what it is, right?) and buy... wait, nothing, because I wouldn't have any gold.


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                        Winter solstice.
                        Originally posted by uebok
                        Muted scum shouldn't have an option to disagree with me. That's why they're muted.


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                            Maybe a dynamic stash? One that increases if u need more slot.


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                              Originally posted by kenshiki View Post
                              dont buy anything if you see that your stash is full. wait until they kill you and die or go back to restock.
                              Replies like this are not appreciated. Consider this as warning.