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Mouse Cursor Discussion

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  • Mouse Cursor Discussion

    I feel that the mouse cursor can be improved on a bit to improve precision and overall game play.

    Size: Something i find unpleasing to the eye, is the size of the mouse cursor.
    I find it a bit too large to precisely click on large groups at certain angles.
    I would like to see a small mouse cursor.

    Attack+move: I very much miss the cross-hairs which wc3's engine has.
    Also, i think a different indication should be had to indicate that it is attack-move.
    Maybe a tinting of the mouse color to a RED glow.

    Move: Has a little walk man icon. Rarely used by me. Only used when invisible and to follow an enemy unit.

    Hero skills: Certain skills, that are target spells that do aoe effects (storm bolt, frost blast?), at first i had difficulty determining where the center of the cursor actually was. Could be a transition issue by me and wc3.

    Right Click: When clicking on ground to move, there's no feedback that my click has been registered. (wc3 had 4 arrows pointing to the spot u clicked on)
    Sometimes when microing multiple units (especially the courier), it would be nice to see my click do something, instead of no animation at all.
    Also helps with animation cancelling + orb walking imo.

    Edit: Sorry mods, put into wrong subcategory. Please move to where ever u see fit.

  • #2
    Regarding size, the cursor gets bigger the lowest your resolution is. I'm at 1920x1080 and it's perfect. I'm pretty sure you'll have to wait until they fully support scaling down and low resolution everything.

    For everything else, I think you're just nitpicking because of your transition, but if enough people feel similarly it's obviously worth discussion.


    • #3
      ill give it some more time, ill revisit if i feel there's something worth discussion.


      • #4
        I would love to have the option of cross hairs when performing an attack move. It is someting nI am used to and find it useful in last hitting. If it were possible the option of cross hairs seems like a great inculsion.


        • #5
          Yeah attack commands don't feel as definite, I'm not sure I've issued one sometimes. Cross-hair or a different marking on the ground would help.


          • #6
            Making it like dota 1 in wc3 style would be a lot better than the current mouse click. Its the only thing that really bugs, other than the popup on our inventory (bottom right)


            • #7
              tbh i hate everything about the mouse cursor in dota2, they need to make it more unique, and yea change the attack move icon to crosshairs.


              • #8
                I do miss the cross when clicking


                • #9
                  There's actually a way to change it.
                  I found a post on joinDota on how to do just that.


                  Worth checking out, if you can't stand the current one.


                  • #10
                    Hi, is there a way to reduce the size of cursor ? I tried to edit .ani and .psd files in the "cursor" folder, resizing it from 32x32 to 16x16. But once in game, the cursor still had a 32x32 size, with 16x16 textures, it was a bit ugly

                    So, how can i tweak my dota2 configuration to have a 16x16 cursor ?

                    and thanks fluffeeh for the link, this cursor is a better than the current one, but still too big in my opinion (i play on a laptop with a 1366*768 screen resolution)



                    • #11
                      The cursor is too big on 1280x720.. :/


                      • #12
                        I seem to have the opposite problem to most - for me the cursor is too small. I play on a 30 inch 2560x1600 display and can lose the cursor when there's a lot going on particularly as the screen is so big your eyes track across the screen a lot more.

                        I've tried the cursor replacement and that works - I just can't find any big .ani cursors


                        • #13
                          Attack click does have a red background to it, and clicking does have little arrows showing where you clicked, check your settings maybe? I never had to turn those on...


                          • #14
                            The ability to change cursor size in console would be great indeed More customizable stuff ftw

                            In other news, i use 1920x1080 and i dont even notice the cursor, although i know where it is, so i guess its perfect for this res


                            • #15
                              I'm more than fine with the current. Kinda developed some affection for it.

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