I ran into this interesting bout of crashes today. Gave up after the third crash because I had already abandoned. I've uploaded my coredumps here in hopes that someone can make sense out of them. All I understand is that dota closes under a segfault.

Context: I'm running Arch linux with Kernel 5.9.6-arch1-1, I have AMD CPU and GPU, and I run dota2 with the openGL API.

If any valve employees or knowledgeable users are willing to parse through my coredumps and point me to where the fault originates, I would be very grateful.
My most recent system upgrade includes vulkan-headers (1:1.2.159-1 ->1:1.2.160-1), so could this possibly be related to the problem (even thought I use GL?).

Edit: Had another bout of crashes, but I fixed it by rebooting before reconnecting. I now highly suspect that using 'pacman' to upgrade, install, or remove software without rebooting leaves the game prone to crashing. Most likely a post-transaction hook is not doing everything it should be doing. I will always restart after upgrading, installing, or removing software with pacman, and if the issue does not persist, I will mark this as resolved.

Edit 2: Not running the game after a `pacman` update/upgrade without rebooting has done the trick, no crashes since. Consider this issue resolved.