Hello all,

First post, please be gentle!

I have an ongoing issue while playing Dota 2 on Ubuntu 14.4 with Vulkan enabled. IDK if DotA 2 is using my GeForce M440 or Intel Core i5 integrated (if someone can show me how to figure this out, that would be great).

Wards and runes will be quite inconsistent about their placement. Sometimes a ward will appear where I place it, sometime it will appear off to the left. The same happens with runes and wards placed by other players. The wards will reappear where intended upon selection. I am somewhat certain this happens when someone else places a ward as well, as the intended location is usually pretty obvious - ward 'eye' locations in low MMR matches (yeah, im not that good. sue me.) I am not certain if they get the same bug, but it happens on my computer.

I've uploaded two cropped screenshots of runes. If I remember to in the heat of the moment, I'll try to get a couple of wards.

Thanks if you can fix this!
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