When I'm playing the game with match ID 3250403231 suddenly our Internet connection (PLDT-DSL) disconnected for few seconds, that causes forced disconnection.

While reconnecting my other teammates reconnected(They are using windows based DotA 2), my desktop lags in the homepage with a "connecting", waited for few minutes nothing happens. So I decided to restart Dota 2.

While restarting steam launcher lags again in "Preparing Dota 2". waited for few minutes again before I decide to restart Ubuntu.

Upon restarting, no problem occurs starting Dota 2, but now I have a BIG problem now. The game is tagged abandoned by me. This already happens thrice to me due to unreliable PLDT DSL connection. I forgot the match ID of other two.

To summarize:
1. Bug error Reconnecting from forced disconnection.
2. Bug in restarting Dota 2 with steam launcher due to number 1.
3. That causes me an abandoned game.

Hopefully to resolved this problem soon. And my abandoned too. If applicable ...