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Game laggs if a friend goes online or start chatting over steam

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  • Game laggs if a friend goes online or start chatting over steam

    i seriously hoped and prayed that valve fixed the bugs, weird fps and laggs in the new update... so i logged in, downloaded the update and started the game. everything was fine and even on highest settings the game ran smoothly and laggfree......until a friend of mine came online: the laggparty started and i wasnt able to play anymore. alright, pausing and restarting the game. again all fine...till my friend wrote me a message via steam - the game lagged again like hell.... another time i had to reconect. unfortunatly, a bit later, a few friends came online, so make a guess what happened: lagg/rec/lagg/rec - and in the end it resulted into low priority.

    valve, is it so hard to make a stable version for mac-players? all we want is to play dota without bootcamp or a wrapper.....

  • #2
    anyone else has the same problems?

    im playing on a 15inch, mid 2012 macbook with retina display, 8gb ram, 2.6ghz intel, intel HD graphics 4000 512mb - OS X 10.8.5


    • #3
      Maybe. I took off notifications, but this is quite possibly happening to me since the last update.
      I will mercilessly add to my ignore list anyone that makes an incredibly annoying signature.


      • #4
        well, turning of the notifications wont help - if one of my friends comes online in steam, dota begins to lagg. the worst scenario is if 2-3 friends come online at the same time: i wasnt even able to reconnect and i had to close the game with cmd+q


        • #5
          Well, should be easy to confirm this. I'll do it next time I get on Steam.
          I will mercilessly add to my ignore list anyone that makes an incredibly annoying signature.


          • #6
            Happened to me, lagged like crazy when my friend started to chat with me when i was in-game.
            I like to do stupid stuff even when i know it's stupid.


            • #7
              Try to disable Steam Overlay for DotA 2
              Winter solstice.
              Originally posted by uebok
              Muted scum shouldn't have an option to disagree with me. That's why they're muted.


              • #8
                as i already wrote, disabling notifications or overlay wont help... it might be a problem with the memory usage (for a vers short time, but the laggs ingame will continur once they started...)


                • #9
                  Funny question, do you or any of your friends have that funny symbol that is going around? Or any funny symbols for that matter. This happened to me too, someone I had on my friends list had this: ҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉ , and it lags my entire Mac to hell and gone whenever I view it (in game, or out of game in chat). I deleted him and the lag didn't happen again.