Among the numerous bugs within the Mac client for DotA 2, this one seems to be the worst. Whenever there's a sniper on my/enemy's team, the game is nearly unplayable because of how bugged he is. It's hard to explain, so here's some screenshots. Please disregard my pro skills.
A billion of these console errors:

WARNING : Trying to create Projectile From npc_dota_hero_sniper Missing Attachment attach_attack1!!

It's particularly hard to click on him due to how wired he looks.

I've also noticed some issues with both Spirit Breaker, who's weapon seems bugged and has a white ERROR text floating in the middle of his model. Keeper of the Light's spell textures are riddled with the Purple/Black checkerboard of death. I'll post pictures of those later.

Anyone else having character issues that I missed?