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Dota 2 for Mac OS X

This is a sticky topic.
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  • #61
    Originally posted by AccP0 View Post
    So ive fully downloaded and messed around with settings
    Here are my specs:
    OS: 10.7.5

    1. sometimes after changing audio settings (it seems to be only audio), the client crashes.
    2. Upon loading into a custom lobby, there is no audio for a long time, then it comes and goes for a bit (it started comign back around ingame 0:00.
    When under cpu stress (i think), the audio dropps out, like when alt tabbing out of, or into game.
    3. not really that big of a deal, but sometimes on load screens, if I command tab, the client decides to only cover the top half of the screen for a bit while being unresponsive. It goes back to normal after a while though
    4. If I change visual settings ingame, I immediately DC (EDIT: Occasionally it seems)
    5. The visuals ingame are extremely fuzzy, Items, and Visual Eeffects (spells, blink dagger, TP scroll that kind of stuff) aren't fuzzy. it almost looks unfocused

    other than that, Nothing ATM.
    EDIT: Visual Fuzziness fixed by changing visual specs, My b :P

    Hope this helps
    Could the fuzziness be because you lowered your render quality down in the settings?

    I found that happened to me so I knocked it back up. Here's my screen.


    • #62
      15" Macbook Pro w/ Retina Display
      2.4 GHz Intel Core i7
      8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
      NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB
      OSX 10.8.4

      My video settings in game: (BASIC) (ADVANCED)

      In-game performance:
      See album (80-120 fps)

      Things worth mentioning:
      - If you change the resolution in game and then start a game, the hero selection screen stays at the previous resolution.
      - Game randomly crashed while pushing bot tower (beach ball, not responding). This was with different video settings than those mentioned above (higher graphics).
      - Finished a complete game w/ video settings in screenshots with absolutely no problems!

      I will be testing more with higher graphics. I started with the highest and it did not perform as well (resolution was also higher). I will continue to tweak to find an optimal setting with graphics that don't suck quite as much.

      EDIT 1: Haven't been able to re-achieve that fps. Stuck around 20fps on the lowest settings now. :/
      Last edited by jcwash; 07-11-2013, 08:19 AM.


      • #63
        Originally posted by michaelkc View Post
        Could the fuzziness be because you lowered your render quality down in the settings?

        I found that happened to me so I knocked it back up. Here's my screen.
        Yeah i noticed after i posted


        • #64
          Hello I am currently running OSX 10.6.8, but I want to make sure that my computer would be able to run Dota 2 if I updated to OSX 10.7 or higher. My computer's specs are shown below. When I tried opening the Dota 2 test, it said my video card was unsupported (I know it's not supposed to work on snow leopard, but I just wanted to see what would happen). Would my computer be able to run the game?

          Macbook Pro Mid 2009
          Processor: 2.53 GHz Intel Core Duo
          Memory: 4 GB
          VGA: NVIDIA GeForce 9400M


          • #65
            I'm on iMac (Late 2012 Model)

            3.4GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 (Turbo Boost to 3.9GHz)
            32GB 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 4x8GB (Corsair Vengeance)
            768GB Flash Storage (SSD)
            NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2GB GDDR5

            Running on OSX Mountain Lion.

            Max fps i'm getting is 30.

            I have turn on everything to the max graphical settings as well as turned on mat_triplebuffered 1
            I play on 2560x1440.

            Have no issues when i'm on bootcamp (windows 8) runs perfect at max settings & resolution with max 60fps.


            • #66
              Simply too laggy and unplayable atm. But at least now we know that there will be a mac version. Can't wait to get rid off my parallels desktop

              Running on MBP 17, Early 2011.
              16gb ram
              256 SSD
              1GB graphic card


              • #67
                Can't play online matches

                When I open Dota 2 test, this message show up:

                Game client is out of date. Please close Dota 2 and restart to get the lastest version.

                I have restarted 4 or 5 times the game and the message still showing up and, also, nothing seems to be updating.


                • #68
                  Originally posted by jbenavidesv87 View Post
                  When I open Dota 2 test, this message show up:

                  Game client is out of date. Please close Dota 2 and restart to get the lastest version.

                  I have restarted 4 or 5 times the game and the message still showing up and, also, nothing seems to be updating.
                  i'm also facing this now


                  • #69
                    Also having the problem with the client being out of date.

                    Tried to verify game cache and also reinstalled the game but to no avail...was really looking forward to finally play dota2 on my mac but i guess it'll have to wait...anyways everybody seems to have huge performance issues.

                    I hope some focus will be put on this client ! Usually mac gamers really get crappy clients that are nowhere near the quality of the windows one, i understand that it is not realistic to ask for the same quality for the mac client but i hope the game will be playable sometimes soon !

                    Edit : Its fixed now ! Steam updated the game and im queuing for my first game on the OSX Client, i tried the training with all options on low and the framerate was okay, hopefully it will be ok in game to !
                    Last edited by RickyMarou; 07-11-2013, 01:32 PM.


                    • #70
                      Originally posted by xshadows69 View Post
                      No Snow Leopard?
                      This saddens me greatly.


                      • #71
                        Valve fix this pls. everything crashes
                        MacBook Pro OS X 10.8.4
                        2.9 GHz Intel core i7
                        8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
                        Intel HD Graphics 4000 512 MB


                        • #72
                          What the... The requirements are so high! Much higher than Windows... Could you please optimize it and lower it down? If not I think a lot of Mac users won't be able to play it on Mac. Thanks.


                          • #73
                            Originally posted by Zoid View Post
                            You need Mac OS X Lion 10.7 or later in order to play Dota 2. You can upgrade to Mountain Lion for just $19.99 in the Mac App Store here,
                            Would it be faster to stay at Lion? Or the 10.8 graphic driver would be better?


                            • #74
                              Well, now I can write a couple of things besides the game being choppy and demanding.

                              1) Dual Monitor setup
                              Mouse isn't locket to the screen. And if I by accident click on second screen dota minimises from the no1 monitor. After restoring it mouse works funny, slowed and with a lot of glitches

                              2) Searching for game while dots 2 is minimised... Impossible. No sounds that the client has found the game. Fix this asap plz.

                              Well, those two problems are probably easy solvable. But just posting to report them. At this moment if I want to play, I have to disconnect my second screen, launch dota and never minimise it if I want to play. If I want to surf I have to use cmd + q and then launch dota again.

                              MBP Early 2011, 2,2ghz i7, 256SSD, 16GB ram, 1GB graphic card


                              • #75
                                MPB late 2011
                                Procesor 2,2 GHz Intel Core i7
                                Memory 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
                                GFX AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB
                                OS X 10.8.2 (12C60)

                                everything works around 50-60fps on highest details!!
                                gj!! cant wait to get a normal build, because on this one i cant find anyone to play!
                                ps. please disable hot corners in the app while running!
                                Last edited by marky-marky; 07-12-2013, 03:14 AM.