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Update 6

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Update 6

    * Iron Talon now prioritizes units over trees when both are clickable
    * Fixed Lion's Impale visual not updating properly with Aether Lens
    * Fixed the interaction of using tangos on trees after a ward or ironwood tree
    * Fixed a bug which caused dead units to be instantly deselected
    * Fixed a bug which prevented player-controlled units from starting to auto-attack when units entered their attack range when the attack range was very large.
    * Added AoE display to Gyrocopter's Rocket Barrage and Flak Cannon.
    * Fixed Arcane Rune and Octarine Core interaction
    * Fixed a bug in the UI where units affected by Helm of the Dominator would display their original movespeed.
    * Fixed Roshan attack animation bug.
    * Timewalk now works if used right after skilling
    * Fixed Powershot not being affected by Aether Lens`
    * Added range display to Faceless Void's Timewalk and Time Dilation.
    * Faceless Void's Timewalk is now affected by Aether Lens.
    * Fixed some neutral creep sound bugs
    * Cloak and Dagger's cooldown now updates correctly as it's leveled up, and is no longer affected by Refresher
    * Fixed a bug where the AOE circle wouldn't appear when casting a spell if the ability rangefinder is enabled

  • #2
    * Fixed Arcane Rune and Octarine Core interaction

    Do they now stack or...?


    • #3
      Small thing, but it looks like the 3 qb items (QB, Bf, IT) aren't shareing a cooldown.


      • #4
        Originally posted by 2xRon View Post
        Small thing, but it looks like the 3 qb items (QB, Bf, IT) aren't shareing a cooldown.
        QB and BF don't share in 6.85 either, so maybe it's by design (though inconsistent with other similar items).


        • #5
          Not major, but it would be nice to have Undying's strength steal via Decay now creates a single buff/debuff showing the amount of Strength stolen rather than multiple individual buffs/debuffs


          • #6
            Not a bug but is there a way to disable the ward placement indicator so that it's just the crosshair like before? http://images.akamai.steamuserconten...7348D336A372F/

            I find that somewhat distracting.


            • #7
              Regarding the Earth Spirit - Aether Lens now works properly with his spells, so well done with that.

              However, double clicking his Stone Remnant doesn't work anymore - it's supposed to put the Remnant on top of your Hero, but nothing happens.


              • #8
                ^ Make sure to have double-click to self-cast turned on in your options. Remember, the test client is a different game basically. It does not mirror the main client's settings.
                Please, just call me buny.


                • #9
                  ^ Shit, that could be it. Didn't even consider the fact that test client completely messes up settings.


                  • #10
                    The Clarity change has not the same mana reg per second as the old Clarity, though it is stated in the patch notes. Brewmaster's Thunder Clap is still missing range display. I think there are also some other abilities like that.