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7.00 - Update 2

This is a sticky topic.
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  • 7.00 - Update 2

    - Fixed Shrines not working when right click force attack is enabled
    - Fixed escape not closing combat log or invoker's spell list
    - Fixed Shuriken Toss Scepter bouncing on the same target
    - Fixed a bug with Wukong's Command and Radiance
    - Fixed Scepter upgraded Spell Shield working after selling the item
    - Fixed dying with Aegis allowing you to move items without restrictions
    - Updated Cold Feet/Homing Missile tooltips
    - Fixed Rubick Scepter bug with Freezing Field
    - Fixed Rubick bug when stealing upgraded Homing Missile
    - Fixed Tempest Double incorrectly copying some items
    - Double click now works with Chaos Knight's Scepter
    - Updated Spell Shield tooltip
    - Fixed Rubick bug when stealing Shranpel charges
    - Fixed Sniper not getting 4 charges until he casts Shrapnel
    - Fixed Ruick bug when stealing Cold Feet charges
    - Fixed Spell Shield Scepter upgrade not benefiting from cooldown reduction
    - Updated Invoke's tooltip
    - Updated Spectating UI to always show HP bars
    - Fixed Chaos Knight scepter tooltip
    - Updated Necronomicon tooltip
    - Fixed old ability learn mode related bugs
    - Fixed some bugs with swapping the minimap inverting some text
    - Fixed alt not showing enemy stats when querying
    - Fixed quickcast abilities and items malfunctioning when query panel is up
    - Fixed -lvlmax skilling the talent tree
    - Fixed Reaper's Scythe animation not playing
    - Fixed Kill cam interfering with the shop
    - Fixed minimap bugs with auto-repeat right mouse

  • #2
    Long live IceFrog.


    • #3
      Looks like they enabled abandon consequences, noticed it when I left another game full of griefing that I now have to play low prio single draft.
      So just in case you are experiencing the same griefing bullshit like me every other game, don't abandon to test stuff quicker because you will be penalized for it.

      Endure the 30min cliffjungling Furions and the kicking-you-around Earth Spirits.

      Singledraft lowprio queue now at 5min. Maybe I will soon be allowed to test again.

      EDIT: Queue is now around 16min. Either it's bugged or I'm the only person to get lowprio on the Test Client :P

      EDIT2: Time to smurf I guess.
      Last edited by HexogenX; 12-11-2016, 05:55 PM.


      • #4
        Can you make the UI not look like garbage? The HP/MP bar is really annoying (it's way too small). We also don't need our abilities above our HP/MP bar.

        In other words - if you don't want to introduce large hp/mp bars for everyone then create a slider in the options menu (as to how long we want the slider for HP/MP to be). I'm sure you could also allow us to create our own UI (move things where we want them to be).


        • #5
          Can't see team or enemy stats like atk range, atk speed, spell dmg amp, etc. in unit query. Only when you turn "unit query overrides hero control console" option on can you see these stats on your main hud.