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7.00 - Update 3

This is a sticky topic.
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  • 7.00 - Update 3

    - Fixed various tooltips
    - Fixed Shackleshot being inconsistent when targeted Monkey King ontop of a tree
    - Fixed clientside HUD elementhiding in custom games.
    - Fixed legacy key for Zeus's Scepter
    - Fixed Jingu Mastery lifesteal affecting buildings
    - Fixed Tree Dance damage mechanic tooltip
    - Fixed various Captain Mode lobby bugs
    - Fixed Killed by view not being mirrored when Draw Minimap on right is set
    - Updated Zeus Scepter tooltip to clarify that it affects the closest nearby unit
    - Fixed Tempest Double control groups
    - Fixed Item stash hotkey being broken
    - Fixed Rubick Crash when stealing and casting Torrent
    - Fixed chat message sound option not working
    - Fixed Repel dispellability tooltip

  • #2
    Ice frog thank you for everything , words would only disgrace my gratitude , from the heart to you I will give my <3. I LOVE DOTA , ice frog have my 祝福


    • #3
      Hey icefrog, is techies not being able to use items while jumping for his suicide a bug? a common pick up is the two null tali's on that hero so with all the magic changes veil is going to be picked up. I was testing it earlier on the client and you can't use items during the jump?


      • #4
        Mr.Icefrog why SEA ASIA doesn't receieve the update yet?
        Originally posted by Gandalf
        You're a wizard,Goku
        Originally posted by Russian player
        Originally posted by Pinoy Player
        Ako mid
        When everyone is on low hp and you're Zeus with scepter



        • #5
          in demo mode and custom lobby, "-createhero monkey king enemy" spawns a friendly monkey king.

          in custom lobby, if you try using "-createhero (hero) enemy", it spawns a friendly one instead of an enemy.

          during the item selection phase, if you buy a quelling blade and then try to right click iron talon to buy it, it wont automatically build for you.


          • #6
            Can you give monkey king a legacy key option? I know QWER is pretty much the standard now but there are a few people who are used to legacy and has trouble switching to QWER such as myself. Hope you will consider the minority.


            • #7
              How can monkey king have legacy keys if he was never in dota 1?


              • #8
                Thanks for the additional update!


                • #9
                  If you have the option "Hold Select Hero to Follow" turned on, if you are holding down the select hero key, and then use camera grip to move the camera away from your hero, if you let go of the select hero key and then press it again, the camera snaps to where you dragged it to instead of your hero until you press the camera grip key again.

                  When using the "Unified orders with CTRL" option, if you are holding down CTRL and try to issue an attack command by pressing the attack key and then left clicking the minimap, you draw on the map instead of issuing the attack commend.
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                  • #10
                    Is there an official place to report non-critical test client bugs that aren't related to Monkey King? Such as minor functionality issues with the new UI.


                    • #11
                      Can we have new mini icons for Slardar and Viper?


                      • #12
                        Originally posted by DoctorGester View Post
                        How can monkey king have legacy keys if he was never in dota 1?
                        It's about creating legacy-like keys where the hotkeys represent a letter from the skill name. Legacy keys gives a sense of uniqueness with every hero which is why I never got used to QWER because all heroes used the same keys and it feels weird when you memorize hero skill combo depending on the hotkey position on the keyboard.