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7.00 - Update 6

This is a sticky topic.
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  • 7.00 - Update 6

    - Fixed being able to ward inside Roshan area
    - Fixed Familiars moving at 450 speed instead of 430
    - Fixed neutrals facing the wrong direction when returning to their camp
    - Fixed clicking on inactive items while the shop is open not bringing up upgrade tree
    - Fixed alt enter not picking the hero
    - Fixed Iron Talon not being purchasable in the strategy phase

  • #2
    but captain's mode is still filled with new bugs and is on the old UI


    • #3
      Any chance that input not being accepted will be fixed? I checked my hotkeys, but every time I try to cast an ability/item active nothing happens unless I double-click the icon first.


      • #4
        Techies remote mines cast animation is not synced to reflect the 7.00 cast time change.

        Suicide squad, attack! Responses are unused with Blast off!


        • #5
          Originally posted by NTTHRASH View Post
          Any chance that input not being accepted will be fixed? I checked my hotkeys, but every time I try to cast an ability/item active nothing happens unless I double-click the icon first.
          1.check internet connection, any losses?
          2. check mouse proper work. had same problem once. repaired my mouse and its ok.


          • #6
            nice joke patch
            Minecraft >>> dota 2


            • #7
              Radiance mark 65 dmg in game instead of 60


              • #8
                Hey icefrog, there are still control group bug issues mainly with naga siren's illusions. Even if you put each of her 3 illusions into 3 separate groups, when ie alt+1, alt+2, alt+3, when you resummon them, all the illusions will be placed into all 3 three groups, so instead of havign one illusion in each group after assigning the hotkey, you have all 3 illusions in every group after you have selected it..


                • #9
                  Reposting from reddit so we can fix this stuff and roll out.

                  5 unfixed bugs:

                  * Able to spam chat during Picking Phase.

                  * Using "Select New Hero" and then picking a hero in Demo Hero mode makes the game crash

                  * Unable to see visual attack range in the new HUD (previously shown by hovering over the Sword icon)

                  * Can't sell abandoned teammate's items

                  * Techies animation for Remote Mines is incorrect due to the cast time reduction. Cast is complete while the animation has the mine in the air.


                  • #10
                    when live?


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by IceFrog View Post
                      - Fixed neutrals facing the wrong direction when returning to their camp
                      The only way I see this not working as intended is either Sven, Ember or any Battlefury/Magnus' Empower user farming neutrals.


                      • #12
                        Fix so your shop preference stay the same so you don't have to change it every game. Most people want the "individual shop" (with basics&upgrades) instead of the ones with guides and all that. Pretty annoying having to change it every game.


                        • #13
                          Still juggernaut bug is not fixed. Okay, will post here again.

                          When you summon Juggernaut healing ward for first time in a match, game experience micro stutter. After the first summoning game doesn't experience micro lag on subsequent summoning of healing ward, only did on first time. Please fix it.


                          • #14
                            Lone druid's talent tree says "+200 attack range", but doesn't specify that this is for ranged form only. It should probably be specific "+200 druid form attack range"? or whatever the most elegant way to specify it is, since its not like melee heroes are necessarily all the same range anymore


                            • #15
                              We need a 400 circle around mines to be able to see where we can place them, at the moment is just blind where you can actually put them and have to guess loads