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Thread: Conduct Summary tool is GARBAGE

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    Conduct Summary tool is GARBAGE

    Can you please do something about the conduct summary system and the whole reporting system ? its totally garbage right now and so abusable. Its almost impossible to get high score at solo queue. Let me explain.

    So i played 25 games without flaming without saying anything even when some of my teammates lost us the game with tragic rotations.. i tried to help as much as i could to win and to be friendly and supportive i kinda got used to having this behavior after learning the hard way that if i try to say to my team whats wrong its more likely that i get flamed rather than actually trying to win just because there are mentally ill people out there who dont wanna hear anything.

    But HERE comes the problem in those 25 games i played i had 2 games where the whole team just didnt work.

    GAME 1:
    was a ranked game where i had PL and it wasnt just me or that i did something toxic or giving up or anything. We simply lost all lanes and there was nothing i could do about it ..i even tried to tp as safe lane carry to help mid when they dived early and my sups were sleeping etc but i said nothing bad about it we just got dominated..but THEN the flaming began: my pudge position 4 who was just a creep the whole game and abandoned bot lane and came top to simply steal xp and feed the enemy offlane starting flaming me for picking PL . now guess what he said.. pl enjoy 4 reports. so the flame train from the other 2 started i end up with 3 reports for DOING NOTHING WRONG

    GAME 2:
    game 2 was a normal game where i just wanted to try leshrac as a carry. ok i get it . It was not the optimal hero for hard carry but like how are you supposed to try new things? it was a F@#!ing normal game. People are playing everything these days as long as they are at the same level of the game understanding it can work. but in normal games the skill difference of the players is insane so ...i get ultra flamed for picking leshrac carry in a normal game. guess what? ANOTHER 3 reports for simply picking the hero i wanted to try .. not about how i played not about my behavior not about anything that has to do with my actual gameplay ... free reports on me for nothing ..

    I had a conduct summary of almost 8k before it got updated. After those 25 games i end up with 6 REPORTS and 25 COMMENDS. And i play like 99% of the time at solo queue no party no friend commends or anything and guess what. My CONDUCT SUMMARY dropped 1k .

    HOW is this even close to being balanced? come on there are people that no matter what they are going to blame everything and everyone but themselves for losing and they will report others for no reason. WHY do we have to pay the price for them just being bad ? ? PLEASE do something about it.. I got 25 commends and 6 reports . Almost 4 times more commends than reports and i get my conduct dropped 1k ? really? What can i do to avoid that ?

    do i have to play only pos 5 and take blowjobs from my teammates to not get reported? because this is how it feels like atm. I ve reached a point where i m afraid to even communicate with my team because something i say might get misunderstood and get reported.

    You have to figure out something about this fast. maybe you should implement a system where 3 commends remove 1 report ? and make commends from friends to not count so its not abusable... so atleast you dont lose more points ..pelase do something !
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    I agree. I used to have a low score because everyobe blanes the support. And even when im the best player on my team and I get 20 commends there are 7 reports which send me to low priority every 10 games or so.
    The problem is that commends dont cancel out reports.

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    Yes the system is abusable, i got ban of 3 + 7 + 7 days. I talked about that in 2 posts.

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