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    148 5.81%
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    330 12.96%
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Thread: Hero Picker Poll

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    Hero Picker Poll

    June - 2014 update

    New Hero picker!

    Note: The first 2.5k votes don't reflect views on the 6/19/2014 picking screen. I think this thread should die now. I leave it up to mods to create a new if needed.

    Thanks Valve for the new one, looks awesome!

    Original thread:
    I'm just interested to know the numbers regarding whether you like the Card Style Hero Pick Up screen in general

    Love it
    As is, in this form.

    Like it
    Like the general idea but with some changes to the current form

    You don't care , not sure whether you like it or not or just pick and move on.

    You at least don't like half of it , maybe just hate the swipe style view but fine with cards grid view. Maybe hate the cards but don't mind the swipe or grid.

    Hate it
    WTF is this? my eyes!!!!!!!! , Don't like the whole concept , cards and its implementation.


    Edit 14th-June 2012:

    For reference, results below are before 13th - June patch. I'm not sure if the changes in this patch for you are enough to change your opinion. But I'll leave it to you and moderators to decide if this poll no longer represent an accurate general opinion about Hero Pick Screen after this patch. (new Grid View screenshot)

    I only said that because for me , I think it improved. maybe not what you ultimately wished for. Also the fact that Valve listened (they did before many times for those who say they don't) hopefully means that the hero pick screen would improve further more with upcoming patches.
    My first impressions , I no longer "Hate it" in general. I like the new grid view but still dislike a few things.

    Thanks Valve


    Edit 18th Sep 2012:

    Comparison in votes between 14th June and 18th Sep still shows the same trend since start of poll. I was hoping for changes in my last edit.

    Rounded figures
    15 Love it
    30 Like it
    50 Neutral
    90 Dislike
    140 Hate it

    For myself , I'm not affected as other people are since I play SD most of the time.
    Over this time. I still dislike it when I happen to play other modes. I like it for SD. However, the grid view .. I still not sure. The removal of cards in grid view made it better but not as good as older pick screen or as easy to pick a hero from
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    I'm neutral for now because I've only glanced at it and used it on the test version. We'll see how it is in the real client.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Origin View Post
    I'm neutral for now because I've only glanced at it and used it on the test version. We'll see how it is in the real client.
    To be honest I think it needs a bit more optimization and cleaning before it's just thrown in to real client.

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    I really like the new Hero Picker. For all those who say its complicated, its just because you guys have not tested yet. You can change the way it looks so it looks similar to the old one, which makes it easier to use and understand if u are having trouble with it.

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    I did try it in the test client and I simply hate it .. sorry Valve

    TL: DR ..the hero pick screen is the wrong time and place for someone to read on, learn and filter heroes within 60 seconds.


    * The non grid view is straight out useless and fits more of a smartphone app to learn Dota heroes on the go.

    * Less focus on team picks , team set ups are left small in the corner

    * Cards have no meaning and look bad , just added clutter. Why add clutter around heroes that Valve artist/modellers did a great job in making them look appealing and awesome. The card makes them look cheap

    * The time to navigate the new interface and its features leaves less time to think for the right pick within 60 seconds or less when counter picking.

    * The grey background is too redundant over all parts of the UI and looks dull.

    * Skill icons are smaller and harder to recognize visually

    * Filtering is usually used to help to find a group of stuff within clutter. Clutter didn't exist in the original one , clutter was reinvented with new hero picker.

    * Grid view keeps redirecting to the fail view.

    * Grid view hero portraits are small.

    * Can't view skills in grid view.

    * Favorite heros ? seriously .... A person who is dumb enough to forgot whom are his fav. heroes , shouldn't play dota in the first place.

    * The pick screen isn't the game

    /rant over
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    I'm don't sure...

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    It is worse in almost every regard to the old picker, completely unnecessary, and clunky as hell. I hate it.

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    Hate it. Valve once again trying to fix what isn't broken. And in this case, what was almost perfect.

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    I dislike both ways to view the hero picker, The grid view looks smashed together and the cards take away my sight over all available hereos.

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    The cards are pretty awful (especially with so many heroes), and the grid is crammed and confusing compared to the old one. A complete step in the wrong direction.

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