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Thread: [Confirmed] Kunkka's X Marks The Spot's Return needs new icon

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    [Confirmed] Kunkka's X Marks The Spot's Return needs new icon

    Sometimes in middle of teamfight you cast [X Marks The Spot] but can't hear its sound ,because there are a lot of noises in a teamfight.
    Sometimes you get lags/spikes and you can't see [X Marks The Spot]'s effect or its sound doesn't play (its a common thing for weak-internet players like me).

    Now you don't know to press E again to choose target again
    [X Marks The Spot] is already casted and if you press E again, you would ruin your X-Torrent Combo.

    What happens:
    You have to quickly check the spell in your HUD to see if its on cooldown or not but as you know, if the spell is casted then [Return] replaces [X Marks The Spot], which have not on cd and also have the same Icon as [X Marks The Spot]. (you can't see if the spell is casted or not by looking at Icon of the Spell)
    So you only have to see its manacost(80->X Marks The Spot, 50->Return) but it really takes 1-3 second of you to check the manacost.

    Having a different Icon for [Return] like Dota1, can really help Kunkka players who have bad internet.

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    Yes, I agree. I didn't even know he could return it when I was new to the game.

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    So this is a gameplay bug?

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    I thought so, cause this problem impacts your gameplay.
    Btw if you think there is another place which this thread should be, just tell me.
    I already lost many teamfights which made me lose many games just for this problem.
    Anyway having same icon for both [X Marks The Spot] and [Return] is bad idea. All other similar spells in dota, like Alchemist's stun or Timber's Ult or many examples have different icon for their second pressing action, I thinks its fair to Kunkka have different Icon for [Return] as other heroes have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duckduck321 View Post
    So this is a gameplay bug?
    Considering that in DotA1 the Return subspell has a different icon, it is a parity "bug".
    Please, just call me buny.

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    A little question
    How can i know that ever this bug report is accepted or not?

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