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Thread: Client freezes or crashes in menu and during loading frequently (MINIDUMPS INCLUDED)

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    Client freezes or crashes in menu and during loading frequently (MINIDUMPS INCLUDED)


    I'm currently not able to play dota because the game keeps crashing and freezing. I'm on a laptop with win 8.1.

    As the title says, it happens mostly in the menu, ESPECIALLY WHEN I ENTER THE SETTINGS, that's like a 90% guarantee that the game will FREEZE (no minidump), and I have to restart my PC. If I manage to create a lobby, the game usually crashes during loading or hero select, providing me with a minidump file. After this I'm often not able to reconnect back as I just crash again. If I manage to get into a game however, everything seems to be fine.

    I've tried contacting steam support and they weren't able to help me.

    Dota 2 Test is working perfectly fine.

    Here's an archive containing some of the minidumps:

    If anyone could help me I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    ..\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota.exe
    RightClick-Properties-Compatibility-UNCHECK Run this program as an administrator. Do the same for Change settings for all users.

    You have a weird setup:
    - Steam with Dota on D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\
    - OS programfiles on C:\Program Files (x86)\
    Is it because dual boot? This might be the root cause of permissions issues at least one of the dump files complains about.

    Since you already use different path for Steam, why not go for a sane one like C:\Steam or D:\Steam. Also, try re-enabling UAC(User Account Control) and refresh Steam so it will repair it's service.

    All this can be automated by the script available in my guide.

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    Thanks for replying,

    I don't run dualboot, I've had my games on D:\ and my "essentials" on C:\ for as long as I can remember and it's never caused me any problems, and until recently dota hasn't really complained either.

    I'll do what you say and update with results.

    UPDATE: Everything working perfectly so far, Thank you!
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