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Thread: Enchanted Quiver doesn't work on Tempest Double at all

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    Enchanted Quiver doesn't work on Tempest Double at all

    Since 7.27, Enchanted Quiver doesn't work for the double at all.

    Only the damage component should not work. It should work on clones like how it does on illusions: Grant attack range and True Strike for one attack every 5 seconds, but don't apply the bonus damage.
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    I would argue that the damage component should work as well.

    It was explicitly disabled for MK’s clones in 7.24, which in returned bugged the Double.

    All the bugged proc items (basher, abyssal, quiver, prince’s, mindbreaker, echo sabre) should be fully working for Tempest Doubles, but not for MK clones.

    Echo Sabre is partially bugged on (melee) Tempest Doubles as well: Applies the double hit, but not the slow.

    The aforementioned items should get the same restriction applied to them: Only non-functional on MK clones, but functional on Tempest Doubles (and Meepo clones in customs).
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