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Thread: Double Vision Ward

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    Double Vision Ward

    I'm new in this forum so hi to all .

    So I luckily got a double vision ward out of a chest and since I love Jakiro, I was really happy about it. I've seen it before, that's why I bought keys to get it.

    But then I looked at it: Two orange heads! So i went ingame and I noticed that it has either two orange heads (observer ward) or two blue heads (sentry ward). It once looked like Jakiro however:

    So i really have to say that I cannot enjoy this ward at all since the main idea behind Jakiro are the two DIFFERENT heads. One ice-head and one fire-head. It looks awful now imo:
    This is especially true imo if you compare them. I really want Valve to change it back. I know that's just such a little thing and there are much bigger issues like matchmaking but it's just so easy to change it back too. There are quite a few Jakiro-fans out there and since he is almost always played as support, they got quite a lot out of this little change since support tend to buy and use a lot of wards.
    Please, please change it back and try something different to clear out the difference between observer and sentry ward (however I find it clear enough) if you really want to do that.

    Are there other people that noticed this and would be happy about it being changed back asap?

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    This was changed due to the fact that it was "too hard" to distinguish between sentry and vision wards, even though there are enough differences. It was changed because "too hard" is stone cold fact, so it is extremely unlikely it will ever be changed back.

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