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Thread: Horrible in game connection, only occurring in Dota 2

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    Horrible in game connection, only occurring in Dota 2

    Over the past two weeks i have occasionaly gotten 1k ping plus in dota 2. While i dont have the best internet in the world, this isnt my internet kicking the bucket (i hope). In game, i will get 1k plus ping, yet here and be able to talk to teammates with perfect clarity, however typed messages take 5- 10 seconds to go through. I also have run Speed tests while this is happening, and get 60 down 60 up, as i normally do. Im even talking in skype with friends while this happens and they sound fine to me and vice versa.

    I can post match IDs if that'll help, first post on this website as i didn t know if others are getting this?

    And one more thing, i have received 4 games of LPQ from this, simply because it occurs at random and ill have to DC and *usually* not be able to reconnect, or keep DC'ing afterwords. It even happened during an LPQ game haha. Now, i dont care about LPQ, i have to do it for abandon games w/e. I get it, thats why i try not to abandon if its possible not to. However i feel i am 100% not at fault for my DC's, and was wondering if theres anyway i dont have to them? Have them removed or something? If not w/e ill grind through em, but i thought i would ask :)

    Cheers! And if theres more info i need to provide let me know!

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    Well, you did not provide any information, just a story.

    Quote Originally Posted by aveyo View Post
    If it's a network issue, provide additional info like:
    - screen capture with netgraph visible
    - date, time, timezone it happened. Example: Nov21, 19:00, UTC+2
    - server region used. Example: Europe West
    - server details. Example: status in console: [I]hostname: Valve Dota 2 EU East Server (srcds012.192.68) udp/ip :
    - icmp ping to selected region. Example: Europe region has servers in Austria, Luxembourg and Sweden. Verify internet connectivity by pinging some reliable at,lu,se servers, not Valve's.If you get lots of request timed out and high ms number, don't expect Valve's servers to do better since game udp traffic should be affected more.
    ping -n 10
    ping -n 10
    ping -n 10
    ping -n 10
    ping -n 10
    ping -n 10
    ping -n 10
    ping -n 10
    ping -n 10
    Quote Originally Posted by aveyo View Post
    EU East (Vienna) is not the best choice, it will always be worse than EU West, and most of the times return a B grade.
    PingTest does not provide a Luxembourg server, but you could use Utrecht (best match) or Frankfurt - if you don't get an A grade there, don't expect wonders in Dota 2.

    But keep in mind server performance and ping in general varies depending on the load. During weekends or day time, it's a lot worse than during evening/night. It's how the Internet works - just like a real highway.
    Also, ICMP ping will never match in-game ping because one measures the fastest response time with the least load on a protocol that does just that, while the other with game size load on a different protocol. For most people, game ping varies between 2x and 1.5x ICMP ping.
    Grind through LPQ, because the punishment will not be removed.

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