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Thread: Client Crash and Audio Settings

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    Client Crash and Audio Settings

    I'll start by saying that I'm not quite sure if this is a bug or just a technical issue on my end.

    I sat in queue a few times and hit the accept game button and the loading screen pops up before hero selection and then the client crashes. No error message seems to pop up. If I then re-open the game, there is no on-going game for me to reconnect to. On 1 instance, I could reconnect to the match, but the match was empty.

    Wondering what might be the issue and thinking about anything I had changed recently, I focused on the audio settings and my headset. I have recently set the audio setting in-game to "headphones"

    When I plug in my headset(usb and audio connection), a seperate audio device opens in my system tray and the audio goes to the headset no problem. The primary audio device that drives my speakers (I'm using a gaming laptop) sits enabled but of course its receiving no signal so the speakers are not in-use. Everything appears to work as it should.

    And then the client crashes upon loading a match but before hero selection.
    Un-plug headset, use speakers, no problem. Match loads. Game audio selection is still on "headphones" btw.
    Plug in headset, and disable the primary audio device, and the Match loads.
    Plug in headset, and switch the game audio setting to default, and don't disable primary audio device, and the Match loads

    Summary. If the game audio is set to headphones, but I don't disable my primary audio device then the match won't load.

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