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Thread: constant crashes mid-game with recent update

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    constant crashes mid-game with recent update

    Hi I am reporting an issue I have been getting out of nowhere and I hope that either someone can see this and help me, or at least be aware of the problem

    I haven't played Dota in about 2-3 days now and upon opening Dota I was prompted with a very quick update. Whatever this update was, It definitely didn't help.

    So far, the only issues with the mac-side dota2 was some sound issues everyone else is having, the occasional fps drop (max settings) and some tearing but nothing to crazy. (biggest complaint to be honest is not being able to hold delete and clear a pre-typed message haha).

    But today, and only today, my client has crashed non-stop. At first it was about 5-10 minutes in, and then after that it was constant after re-entering the game.
    It stopped crashing after I rebooted my computer for about 30 mins but as I thought it was over and joined another game it started all over again, with about the similar crash time of about 5-10 minutes in.

    Of course this is extremely aggravating as I am now in low-priority, but most of all, because this hasn't happened until today. I hope someone will see this and help shed some light on this situation.

    Thank you

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    crashing too after the recent patch.

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    Same, even during matches i'm spectating.

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    Yeah I'm still crashing pretty bad on my mac side and unfortunately I am having to reinstall dota2 on my bootcamp side again until the mac side is more stable. It's kind of frustrating to only play once every few days and constantly get put into low priority for something that is unintentional but I guess that is just how it is at the moment.

    At any rate, I of course understand the Dota2 Mac devs are working hard and I understand that porting it to the mac will come with it's share of bugs and crashes. So we appreciate all of your hard work in making this game more available to us Mac users and hopefully it will be ironed out in the next few updates.
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    Just curious if you experience any crashing issues at all when in windows?

    also what machine are you using?

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    I've also been experiencing a lot of mid-game and especially mid-replay crashes. When booted into Boot Camp on the same hardware (both Windows 7 and 8), I only had mid-game crashes like once a month.

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    Me too, man. Me too.

    Last night, played a game. Crashed at least 10 times in 40 minutes.

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    forced my entire team to leave a game i crashed so much

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    there was a couple of updates to both steam and dota 2 last week. after these updates dota 2 started to crash more often.

    when i spectate or play on 15" retina it also get heat so much when the screen is full of effects.

    when i use alt+tab, when some notification displayed at the corner or even on shift+tab to steam will cause big fps drop so i have to reconnect to steam and dota 2. in the past when i join my friends parties from steam also caused this. (now I disabled notifications)

    when i open dota 2 i have to stick with the dota 2 screen or i have to reconnect.

    even then i get dcs too often. idk if this is a steam or dota 2 issue.

    so 2 main problems are

    when spectating:
    crashes on busy screens like 6 players on a hard team fight= reconnect both steam and dota 2.

    In games:
    disconnections/long lags= reconnect both steam and dota 2

    I first thought this was an internet connection issue because when i click to play on steam game opened but couldn't find dota 2 network, then i reconnected to steam. Everything went back to normal until the next crash : )

    the other problem is on sigle draft mode, i see 3 portraits with frozen animations. this is a minor problem and do not effect the play.

    I Use 15" Retina Mid 2012
    2.3GHz i7
    8GB 1600 MHz DDR3
    Intel HD Graphics 4000 512 MB
    OSX 10.8.4

    video settings: low, animated portraits on,
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    Quote Originally Posted by idexo View Post
    or even on shift+tab to steam
    well that is the biggest problem atm, disabling steam overlay increases performance drastically (also it should leave less space for crashes)

    disconnections/long lags= reconnect both steam and dota 2
    i see 3 portraits with frozen animations
    these are probably cross-platform problems, I've seen the same (let's call them random although we know nothing is random at software now) UI issues on both Win and OS X, and the first problem actually looks like more ISP related - even if the networking of the client is not good enough to restore connection after it was jammed/terminated, a good i-net connection would (hopefully) help you avoid the problem.

    keep in mind neither me not the point of view is associated with valve.

    upd: found similar issue at github:
    you might want to contribute there by adding some information.
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