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Thread: Access denied for file /tmp/source_engine_2808995433.lock

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    Access denied for file /tmp/source_engine_2808995433.lock


    Temporary file "/tmp/source_engine_2808995433.lock" is not deleted after turning off the game. For systems with one user account is not problem.
    But for environments with more than one user accounts is only one a system user can launch game without restarting the system.

    My case:

    1) the system user 'andrey' starts the game, it becomes owner of the lock-file:
    $ ls -l /tmp/source_engine_2808995433.lock
    -rw-rw-r-- 1 andrey andrey 0 июля 26 11:32 /tmp/source_engine_2808995433.lock
    2) after that the game was turned off but the lock-file is still exists and is owned by 'andrey'.

    3) user 'andrey' is logged out

    4) another user - 'faa' is logged in, it starts the game and get warning message: "Only one instance of the game can be running at one time",
    and message in linux terminal:

    open(/tmp/source_engine_2808995433.lock) failed
    Game removed: AppID 570 "Dota 2", ProcID 18640
    I have workaround for this issue:

    I use cron record for both users 'faa' and 'andrey':
    */5 * * * * rm /tmp/source_engine_2808995433.lock
    Now the scheduler will try to remove lock-file every 5 minutes.
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    I believe there would be better chances of this getting noticed and fixed if you filled that in the github tracker

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    You are right. I am created an issue at github. Link to issue :

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    following it. This shouldn't be hard to fix, hopefully it will make it into the next patch.

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    This will be fixed in the next update.

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