Hi guys,

I am posting here to see if anybody else has run into an issue of keyboard response taking much longer on Mac than on Windows for equivalent hardware.

I noticed this today when I was playing Vengeful Spirit. When I hit Q and immediately fire off a spell, nothing happens. It takes maybe a full second before the cursor even changes to cast the spell. The delay was long enough that my teammates were begging me to react faster.

In contrast, when I dual boot into Windows 7 to run dota2, I can press Q and nearly simultaneously land the spell...the only apparent delay time is caused by my neurons.

One second is an eternity when you're fighting some fast-hitting carries or such, so this issue significantly impacts gameplay to the point where I will only be playing bot matches or spectating games on the Mac client.

-2.3 GHz Intel Core i7
-nVidia 650M with 512 MB GDDR5 RAM (discrete GPU)
-Mac OS: 10.8.4
-Win OS: Win 7 with SP1

I will be testing this issue further in bot games.

Anybody else getting this issue?