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Thread: [Suggestion] Hold Shift/Alt/Ctrl for additional Chat Wheel?

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    [Suggestion] Hold Shift/Alt/Ctrl for additional Chat Wheel?

    The chat wheel is very useful, but for some people who plays support alot like me, 8 commands maybe not enough yet. How about adding new chat wheel that shown when holding Shift or any key that is binded?

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    You can already do this yourself. Well, all but using ALT CTRL or SHIFT since you can't bind those for this purpose.

    Put this in a text file in steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\cfg and rename it to shift_wheel.cfg

    bind z "+wheelShift"; // key that shifts wheel functions
    alias +wheelShift "chat_wheel_phrase_6 57;" //change wheel North to Rosh timer
    alias -wheelShift "chat_wheel_phrase_6 12;" //change wheel North back to Go!
    In your autoexec.cfg (create if it doesn't exist) put

    exec shift_wheel

    When you're in-game, hold Z (or whatever key you want), and then whatever key you use for the wheel, and you'll see the Rosh timer on the top instead of whatever you normally use. When you release Z it'll revert back to what you normally use (I use Go! - you need to set this in the script too).

    chat_wheel_phrase_6 is the position on the wheel (0-7), you change the number to change what position you're modifying. The number following that is the phrase. You can find out the number for each phrase by manually setting the wheel to the phrases you want to find numbers for, closing options, opening config.cfg in that folder and searching for chat_wheel.

    You'll need to have your wheel shift key change multiple positions. To do that add the extra parts after the semicolon:

    alias +wheelShift "chat_wheel_phrase_6 57;chat_wheel_phrase_0 26;chat_wheel_phrase_3 7;[...extra changed phrases go here...];"

    Remember to also revert them back in -wheelShift

    alias -wheelShift "chat_wheel_phrase_6 12;chat_wheel_phrase_0 8;chat_wheel_phrase_3 66;[...extra changed phrases go here...];"
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    Nice! I don't have much time now, but I will absolutely try it when I finish my work. It's ok for me since I am also a software developer, but I think Valve better make an option for this. If Valve doesn't implement, I may do that when I have free time.

    Thank you for your details instructions

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