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Thread: A Look Back

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    Quote Originally Posted by japoslav View Post
    Wow..that would be so weird because it looks like the w3 SF model.
    Oops, the first one is roshan but then SF concepts come right after, what he said:

    Quote Originally Posted by BGDaemon View Post
    2.17 is Roshan, 2.21 is SF
    Quote Originally Posted by daed View Post
    This is another example as to why the developers should never seriously take in consideration any post on the dev forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justinian of Hattes View Post
    An enchanted, bejeweled horn containing the magical essence of an eagle
    Which fits the item cuz it is Eaglehorn in DotA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keowee View Post
    This is what could possibly be a Pugna concept. His design was probably spot-on from the beginning.

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    People remember this wall from the 'A Look Forward'-thread?
    Quote Originally Posted by Arc Warden View Post
    I found high res pictures of that wall! You can click the images for the full size:

    To note:
    Second row, first picture: Brewmaster with a red head. Also lefthanded for some reason.
    Second row, second picture: Death Prophet.
    Fourth row, to the right: Alpha Omniknight (man, I miss one-handed Omniknight)
    Fifth row, to the right: Alpha Weavers (larger picture at the bottom of my post)
    Final row, second picture: green Nyx
    Final row, third picture: goat Spirit Breaker

    To note:
    Second row, first picture: alpha picture of Elder Titan? Maybe from when he still was Tauren Chieftain?
    Third row, first picture: skinny Lion
    Third row, second picture: Witch Doctor?
    Third row, final picture: Abyssal Underlord
    Fourth row, last picture: Medusa
    Final row, first picture: Some more Gyro designs (pay attention to the black and white designs, we haven't seen those before)
    Final row, third picture: someone wanted more Mirana concept art, right?

    Here's also some Tiny concept art:

    And two alpha Weaver designs:

    All credit for these pictures goes to iTz SLammi. There are a few more pictures in the gallery I linked, but those are ones we've already seen somewhat larger.
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    Thanks a lot Hefaistus.

    By the way, Tiny Concept art is way better.

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    On the one hand, I love looking at these concept arts because of how awesome they look. On the other, I can't shake the feeling that so many of them look so much better than the final product. Those alpha Weaver designs were absolutely fantastic, very surreal and alien, yet also recognizably insectoid, which suits Weaver's theme perfectly.

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    I looked over the entire thread and I must say that I completely love it! The thing that made me laugh the most was the Skeleton King picture with the "fun icons", his ultimate was basically "flipping the bird" to his enemies.

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    I have several saved Dota-related images that I can't identify. Can anyone help out?

    No idea what this one is:

    These look like a mix between Treant and Tiny to me!

    My guess is that these are concepts for Undying's ultimate form.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pie4all88 View Post
    I have several saved Dota-related images that I can't identify. Can anyone help out?

    No idea what this one is:
    Terrorblade aka soul keeper ... in his demonic form
    the normal model should be simmilar to AM...since the're brothers

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    The first picture has been identified as the earliest Night Stalker there was; as for the rest, you seem to be pretty spot-on. The stony things look like they're from the ancient camp as of me.
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