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Thread: Gameplay/visual glitch that has made dota 2 nearly unplayable :(

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    Gameplay/visual glitch that has made dota 2 nearly unplayable :(

    Dear Dota 2 community,

    For the last week I've been experiencing a visual/gameplay glitch greatly hindering how I'm playing. The Following link is a video of what's currently happening:

    As you can see, the game is randomly selecting another hero on the map, one that I can in no circumstance control.

    What makes this bug incredibly annoying is that it after it occurs, it re-selects my hero. So If i'm using a courier, buying an item, setting points into skills, or in mid-cast of a spell, these actions get canceled and my hero is re-selected. I've reinstalled dota twice, updated my video card drivers and reset my computer a number of times. I'm not sure what to do Any assistance would be much appreciated

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    Well first off, wrong forum. This is tech issue or something similar. Then I'd try deleting your config/cfg and autoexec.cfg(if you have one) in the Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\cfg these have your keybindings and stuff saved. Looks like a script trying to spam select something or what not. Looks weird though so I don't know, you might get more help there. Also if it's Linux or Mac related, post in the appropriate forums as you'll find better help there.

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